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Flogging as Criminal Punishment in the 21st Century
On 9th January 2015, in front of the Jeddah Mosque, a Saudi activist and blogger named Raif Badawi was publicly given the first fifty out of the thousand lashes he was sentenced with, for ‘insulting Islam through electronic channels.' The disturbing (More)
The Criminalization of Female Genital Mutilation in Sudan
In a historic development concerning women’s rights, the Sudanese transitional government recently criminalized the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and made it punishable by up to three years in prison. FGM is a deeply discriminatory prac (More)
How France is Battling Online Hate Speech with a New Bill
On Wednesday, French lawmakers passed a bill to regulate online hate speech in the country. The law seeks to impose a strict obligation on online platforms to remove offensive content, like hate speech, violence, or racism, within twenty-four hours o (More)
Article 13: A Bête Noire in the Indian Constitution?
The Indian Constitution is not merely a static document containing a set of rules or laws through which the state governs its people, it is much more. The constitution is a dynamic phenomenon, ever-evolving in its contours, which was born with a task (More)
UN expert urges response to deteriorating human rights situation in Mali
UN Expert Alioune Tine reported on Tuesday that the human rights situation in Mali is of grave concern and that the country needs a comprehensive strategy to tackle it. Tine urged an effective military response to stop the violence and protect the po (More)
UK judge allows dissolution of religious marriage
A judge in the UK's high court ruled Wednesday that there were grounds for a dissolution of a religious marriage that was not recognized by British law.The wife filed for divorce against her husband in 2016, alleging there were grounds for her t (More)
Germany court overturns lower court's acquittal of "Sharia Police"
Germany's highest federal court on Thursday overturned a lower federal court's acquittal of seven men charged with violating Germany's ban on wearing uniforms in public that convey a political message.In November 2016, seven men were arrested wh (More)
Saudi Arabia to allow women to attend stadium sporting events
Saudi Princess Reema Bandar bint Al-Saud, vice president for women's affairs of the General Sports Authority , tweeted Sunday that the country will begin to allow women to attend sporting events in 2018.Sport stadiums in Saudi Arabia to open their (More)
Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive
Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud on Tuesday announced by decree that the country will grant women driver's licenses beginning next June.The order was broadcast though Saudi Arabia's state television channel and would allow women (More)
Indonesia enacts ban on radical groups
Indonesian president Joko Widodo signed a decree Monday that allows the government to ban radical organizations. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called the decree troubling, saying it goes against freedom of association and expression. It is believed (More)
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