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Russia referendum allows Putin to stay in power through 2036
Russian President Vladimir Putin won a referendum vote on Thursday, allowing him to stay in office through 2036. Putin's constitutional amendments garnered close to 78 percent of the votes. Approximately 65 percent of voters turned out.The consti (More)
"Surprising" Supreme Court Win for Gay and Transgender Employees Isn't Ultimately Surprising- And That's the Point
The Supreme Court created quite a stir recently when it held in Bostock v. Clayton Country, Georgia that Title VII, the major federal anti-employment-discrimination law, protected gay and transgender employees on the same basis as heterosexual employ (More)
Japan court rejects same-sex relationships as de facto marriages, denying man victims' compensation
The Nagoya District Court on Thursday rejected a man's request to overturn a decision deeming him ineligible for victims' compensation following the death of his same-sex partner.The man, Yasuhide Uchiyama, had lived with his partner for around 2 (More)
China's Lesbian Parenting Case is a Children's Rights Issue
A lawsuit brought by a lesbian in China has raised the profile of same-sex parenting in a country where marriage rights are not recognized. Split from her partner last year, Zhang Peiyi is suing for custody of one of the children they parented togeth (More)
Costa Rica becomes first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage
Costa Rica became the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage on Tuesday.According to the Costa Rican Supreme Court's 2018 ruling, lawmakers had 18 months to adjust the current law or same-sex marriage would automatically bec (More)
Hong Kong court strikes down policy excluding same-sex couples from public housing
Hong Kong's highest court ruled Wednesday that a Housing Authority policy preventing same-sex couples from applying for public housing within the city limits is unconstitutional.The spousal policy specifically excluded same-sex couples who marri (More)
DOJ backs Kentucky wedding photographer suing over ordinance banning discrimination against gay customers
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) stated support Thursday for a Kentucky wedding photographer who filed suit over an ordinance that bans local businesses from discriminating against gay customers.This case involves the competing interests of an (More)
Circuit court rules Indiana must list both parents' names on birth certificates in same-sex female relationships
The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled on Friday that, for women in female same-sex marriages, Indiana must include the names of both women on the birth certificate of their children.The state argued birth certificate parentage in (More)
Texas judge sues state agency over same-sex marriage officiating
A Justice of the Peace in McLennon County Texas, Diane Hensley, filed a suit against the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct after they released a public warning condemning her "referral system" for officiating same-sex marriages.The warni (More)
Court-Packing and its Discontents
Everything old is new again, and court-packing is no exception. In 1937, faced with a conservative Supreme Court that consistently invalidated his New Deal legislation, President Roosevelt announced a plan to increase the size of the court and add ju (More)
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