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Japan opposition parties submit same-sex marriage bill
Major opposition parties in Japan, including the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, submitted a bill Monday that would recognize same-sex marriages. The proposed legislation is said to use gender-inclusive language i (More)
Taiwan parliament legalizes same-sex marriage
The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the country's parliament, approved a bill Friday legalizing same sex-marriage in the country. In May 2017 the country's highest court, the Judicial Yuan, mandated that the country legalize sa (More)
Amnesty urges Brunei to halt adoption of 'vicious' punishments
Amnesty International on Wednesday called on Brunei to halt plans to introduce "vicious" new punishments such as death by stoning for same-sex acts and amputation for robbery, set to take effect next week. Amnesty has previously expressed concerns (More)
Inclusive Marriage for Taiwan
The clock is ticking on the deadline set by the Constitutional Court of Taiwan to amend the law to allow same-sex couples to marry. On May 24, 2017, the court declared Taiwan’s existing marriage law unconstitutional on grounds of discrimination and g (More)
Michigan: state-affiliated adoption agencies must allow LGBT couples to adopt
As part of a settlement, Michigan agreed Friday that state-contracted adoption agencies must follow non-discrimination requirements and allow LGBT couples to adopt or foster children.  The case was brought in September 2017 by two same-sex couple (More)
Singapore top court allows gay man to adopt biological son
Singapore's Supreme Court on Monday allowed a gay man to adopt his biological son. The son was conceived through a surrogate mother and born in the US. The man paid the surrogate mother USD $200,000 to carry and deliver the baby after learning th (More)
Ireland’s Vote to Remove Blasphemy from its Constitution and the Case of Asia Bibi
In a referendum held on Friday, October 26, 2018, the people of Ireland voted to amend the Irish Constitution to remove the word blasphemy from Article 40.6.1, which declared that "he publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent ma (More)
The Impacts of the Shifting Definition of Sex Under the Law
While transgender people have existed since the dawn of time, the last decade has seen an increasing spotlight on the community and transgender people’s right to recognition and protection. While this has taken on many different angles, federal and s (More)
Austria Constitutional Court strikes down law banning same-sex marriage
Austria's Constitutional Court ruled Tuesday that a 2009 law that allowed same-sex couples to enter registered partnerships but not to get married was unconstitutional. The court ruled that the 2009 law violated the constitution by discriminating (More)
Australia votes to legalize same-sex marriage in non-binding postal survey
The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday announced the results of a national postal survey on Australia's marriage law in which voters voted that Australia's marriage law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. The "yes" vot (More)
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