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Utah Supreme Court rejects citizens' demands on medical marijuana referendum
A unanimous ruling by the Utah Supreme Court Tuesday denied a petition by citizens to block the governor's and legislature's actions on a medical marijuana bill. The case revolves around two tools the citizens of Utah have for enacting laws throug (More)
Michigan Republicans sue to block implementation of nonpartisan redistricting commission
A group of Republican redistricting organizations sued the Michigan Secretary of State Tuesday to block the implementation of a new nonpartisan commission to redraw voting districts in Michigan in advance of the 2020 election. The case was brough (More)
Welcome New Changes for Regulating Colorado Oil and Gas Operations
On April 16, 2019, Governor Jarod Polis signed into law SB19-181, a bill that reforms oil and gas regulation in Colorado in several important ways.  It’s a remarkable achievement for House Speaker KC Becker and other supporters who bent but did not b (More)
Utah limits Medicaid expansion despite voter referendum
Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed legislation on Monday that replaced a voter-approved Medicaid expansion with a more restrictive initiative. In November Utah citizens voted for the full expansion of Medicaid through a ballot initiative. With the (More)
Clean energy measures suffer significant ballot losses
A number of clean energy and environmental protection ballot measures were voted down Tuesday. These ballot measures ranged from more conventional measures requiring certain percentages of a state's electricity production to come from renewable so (More)
Medicaid Expansion passes in Idaho, Utah and Nebraska; expansion to expire in Montana
Voters in traditionally more conservative Idaho, Utah and Nebraska voted Tuesday to adopt Medicaid expansion provisions through ballot measures. Montana voters decided against an initiative that proposed a tax hike on tobacco products to continue fun (More)
Michigan votes to legalize recreational marijuana
Four states—Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah—voted on marijuana measures Tuesday, with Michigan becoming the tenth state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Michigan voters approved Proposal 1, known as the state's Marijuana Legali (More)
Arkansas and Missouri vote in favor of raising minimum wage
Arkansas and Missouri voted on Tuesday to approve measures raising the states' minimum wages. In Arkansas, the minimum wage will now gradually raise to $11 per hour by 2021. Arkansas currently has a minimum wage of $8.50 per hour. In Missouri, (More)
15 states vote on election, voting and redistricting questions in midterms
Fifteen states on Tuesday held 20 ballot initiatives related to voting and elections, including statewide measures for new redistributing systems, voting requirements and ballot access, voting rights of felons, and campaign finance initiatives. Vo (More)
Austria backs out of UN migration agreement
Austria announced Wednesday that it will not sign the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, following suit with the US and Hungary. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that Austria fears the compact will lead to "a human right to migr (More)
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