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Christopher Columbus Langdell, Black Lives Matter and Legal Education
No less than Columbus’ namesake founded U.S. legal education.  Christopher Columbus Langdell devised the “case method”—the formalistic “science” of “discovering” law from appellate court opinions through the process of “legal reasoning.” As dean of H (More)
America's Presidential Election is Gravely Necessary, But Insufficient
"The enemy is the unphilosophical spirit which knows nothing and wants to know nothing of truth." - Karl Jaspers, Reason and Anti-Reason in our Time (1952) Even in this grievously faltering United States, presidential elections are praised as essent (More)
US and China impose mutual visa restrictions over Tibet
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced Wednesday that China would impose visa restrictions on US personnel “behaving badly” on Tibet-related issues. The announcement followed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Tuesday announcement (More)
Manhattan DA: woman caught on video falsely accusing birdwatcher will be prosecuted
Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. announced Monday that the woman caught on video falsely accusing a Central Park birdwatcher of threatening her will be prosecuted.On May 25, Amy Cooper called the police on a Black man who was birdwatchin (More)
DOJ announces $2.2M funding to law enforcement agencies focused on community policing projects
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Tuesday that it will provide $2.2 million in funding to local law enforcement agencies that are focused on community policing projects.This funding, which is through the Department's Office of Communit (More)
Movement for Black Lives introduces proposed BREATHE Act
The Movement for Black Lives coalition unveiled proposed federal legislation Tuesday seeking to radically transform the US criminal justice system.The proposals, collectively referred to as the BREATHE Act, follow protests against the police kill (More)
UK imposes new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers
In a statement to the House of Commons on Monday, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab introduced new sanctions on 49 human rights abusers.The new global human rights regime provides accountability for individuals and organizations, unlike typical s (More)
July 4, 2020: How Will We Celebrate?
July 4 is here, and we have an opportunity to adopt a more truthful narrative about the celebration of our nation’s birth and the racism upon which it was formed. This year while we look back on the almost 250 years since Americans freed themselves f (More)
A Knee on All Americans
Since murder is a horrible wrong, preventing a murder must be a good thing, right? Truth be told, it can get complicated. Among the many questions raised by the killing of George Floyd, we should pause to consider what would have happened if a bystan (More)
Germany defense minister orders partial dissolution of elite KSK commando unit
Germany's Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbaue on Tuesday announced that she had ordered the partial dissolution of the elite Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) commando unit. The unit has faced several recent allegations, including the discovery of (More)
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