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Testing Human Rights Through Human Gene Patenting in COVID-19
COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus has emerged as a global threat that has changed the world order and has challenged all the predetermined notions of societal existence. This is the point in history that will be studied in the future for the decision (More)
Pharmaceutical Patents in the Era of COVID-19: The Aftermath on Developing Countries
COVID-19 patients are frequently constrained to solitary confinement in order to curb the continuing spread of the contamination. The race for medicine or a vaccine to treat COVID-19 is on. The pharmaceutical industries are being asked to donate the (More)
Supreme Court upholds Patent and Trademark Office discretion for appeals decisions
The US Supreme Court ruled on Monday that federal patent law does not allow for an appeal of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board's decision to institute a procedure for challenging the validity of a patent after a finding that a one-year time bar does (More)
Canada emergency legislation allows health minister to circumvent patent laws during COVID-19 public health emergency
The Canadian legislature passed emergency legislation on Wednesday that will allow the Minister of Health to circumvent patent laws for supplies that are necessary to combat the COVID-19 public health emergency.The bill requires payment of renume (More)
Sonos sues Google for patent infringement
Wireless speaker maker Sonos sued tech giant Google on Tuesday claiming that Google's recent audio products, including Chromecast Audio, Google Home products and Pixel devices, infringe on Sonos's patents.The suit states that Sonos and Google wor (More)
Federal judge denies drug companies' attempt to block California's 'reverse payment' law
A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of California court on Tuesday denied a motion by brand-name drug companies to halt the implementation of a California bill that would stop "reverse payments" to generic drug companies.Th (More)
Apple and Intel file antitrust lawsuit
Apple and Intel jointly filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Fortress Investment Group Wednesday.The allegations filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California are that Fortress has stockpiled patents and sued on those (More)
UK court grants Nintendo injunction requiring internet providers to block Switch piracy websites
The UK High Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that Nintendo (NCL) has sustained significant losses as a result of pirated games being accessed and downloaded onto Nintendo Switches, granting an injunction requiring internet service providers to block pi (More)
The Philippine Innovation Act
Overview Republic Act No. 11293, or the Philippine Innovation Act, was signed into law by the Philippine President on April 17, 2019.  However, the Act was released to the public only on July 16, 2019.The Philippine Innovation Act aims to promot (More)
Federal judge sets aside jury verdict in cholesterol drug case
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Delaware on Wednesday set aside a jury verdict in a pharmaceutical patent case, Amgen v. Sanofi and Regeneron.Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron produced and sold similar drugs that lowered LDL choles (More)
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