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From Chaos to Cosmopolis: America's World Law Imperative
US President Donald Trump's expanding crises with both North Korea and Iran, and his apparent willingness to withdraw from a second US-Russia nuclear arms control treaty, are just some currently prominent examples of a longer standing problem with wo (More)
US Congress passes Cambodia Democracy Act
The US Congress passed the Cambodia Act of 2019 Monday, which aims "To promote free and fair elections, political freedoms, and human rights in Cambodia, and for other purposes."The bill was introduced by Congressman Ted Yoho, of Florida's Third (More)
Nuclear War Avoidance in the Middle East: International Law and Deterrence (Part II)
Contrary to conventional wisdom, both nuclear deterrence and associated forms of nuclear strategy, including preemption, can support the authoritative expectations of international law. The adequacy of international law in preventing a nuclear war in (More)
The Iran Sanctions Extension Act: Enforcement Overkill
JURIST Guest Columnist Professor John B. Quigley of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law argues that international changes to approaching and monitoring Iran's nuclear program have made recent congressional action unnecessary... The Iran (More)
UN Security Council approves Iran nuclear deal
The UN Security Council on Monday unanimously approved [Resolution 2331, PDF; press release] a nuclear agreement with Iran, lifting some economic sanctions in exchange for the country reducing its nuclear program and allowing International Atomic E (More)
Syria and North Korea: The Underground Connection
JURIST Guest Columnist Morse Tan of Northern Illinois University College of Law discusses North Korea and Syria nuclear programs and argues that the noticeable links between the two pose a significant threat to global security...More links North Kore (More)
EU Parliament demands immediate withdrawal of all Russia troops from Crimea
The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday condemning Russia's actions in Crimea and calling for the immediate withdraw of all Russian military forces from Ukrainian territory. The resolution states that Russia is in breach of intern (More)
'Crowing' About Iran Sanctions Should Stop
JURIST Guest Columnist Daniel Joyner of the University of Alabama School of Law says that the International Atomic Energy Agency and the West are over-estimating the positive results of their sanctions program against Iran and its nuclear program ... (More)
Iran's Nuclear Program and the Legal Mandate of the IAEA
JURIST Guest Columnist Daniel Joyner of the University of Alabama School of Law says the IAEA went outside of its legal mandate with its latest report on Iran, a move that has been viewed by some states as indicating the IAEA's shift from a technical (More)
US scientist charged with conspiracy to sell nuclear data to Venezuela
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Friday that a US scientist and his wife have been indicted for conspiring to sell nuclear weapons information to an individual they believed worked for the Venezuelan government. Pedro Leonardo Maschero (More)