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Dutch ban on face coverings takes effect but lacks willing enforcement
The Netherlands' Partial Ban on Face-Covering Clothing Act went into effect on Thursday but is expected to be rendered ineffective as both Dutch police and transport companies have expressed reluctance to enforce the law. Commonly referred to as a (More)
France niqab ban violates human rights: UN committee
The UN Human Rights Committee found Tuesday that French law n ° 2010-1192, which bans full-face coverings such as the niqab or burqa, violates human rights. The committee found that the 2010 law violated the human rights of Mariana Hebbadj and Son (More)
Quebec Ministry of Justice releases guidelines on face-covering ban
Quebec Minister of Justice and Attorney General Stéphanie Vallée on Tuesday released guidelines for the implementation of Bill 62 , legislation requiring those who wear face veils to remove them when using public services. The bill passed by a vo (More)
India top court rules Islamic instant divorce law unconstitutional
The Supreme Court of India ruled Tuesday that Islam's instant divorce law, which allowed Muslim men to divorce their wives by saying the word "talaq" three times, was unconstitutional. The case was heard by five judges of the court and resulted in (More)
Europe rights court upholds Belgium burqa ban
The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday upheld a Belgian ban on wearing the niqab, a full-face veil, in public spaces. The court dismissed two cases, Belcacemi and Oussar v. Belgium and Dakir v. Belgium , that asserted the ban was in violation (More)
Hungary Constitutional Court repeals village ban on burkas
The Constitutional Court of Hungary repealed a village ban on the construction of mosques as well as headscarves like burkas and chadors worn by Muslim women on Wednesday. The village of Asotthalom, located on the Serbian boarder, implemented implem (More)
Turkish military to allow female officials to wear head coverings
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday that female soldiers will be allowed to wear headscarves along with their uniforms. The regulation, a break in the nation's attempt to protect its secularism , is the latest institutional policy al (More)
Bavaria approves partial ban on full-face veil
The German state of Bavaria on Tuesday approved a ban on full-face veils in certain public spaces, including universities, schools, government workplaces and while driving. Asserting that facial expressions are important to communication, Bavarian (More)
Austria proposes ban on full-face coverings in public places
Austria's ruling coalition announced Monday a plan to ban full-face coverings in public places, with a focus on Islamic veils. The proposal is part of a set of reforms created after extensive negotiations by the Social Democrats and People's par (More)
Germany chancellor endorses partial ban on full face veils
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday endorsed [Guardian video] a partial ban on burqas and niqabs. Merkel said that "the full facial veil is inappropriate and should be banned wherever is legally possible." The chancellor's party, the Christian (More)
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