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UK court: Nigeria citizens cannot sue Shell for oil spill
The UK High Court ruled on Thursday that Nigerian citizens affected by Shell oil spills cannot sue for relief in the UK. Lawyers for the Nigeria residents promised to appeal the judgment immediately, claiming that the court made its judgment befor (More)
UK court rules Nigeria towns can sue Shell in UK
A UK judge ruled Wednesday that Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) can be sued by two Nigerian towns in a British court for their involvement in oil leaks in Nigeria. Lawyers from Leigh Day brought a case in England against the oil conglomerate on behalf of (More)
Dutch court: Nigeria farmers can sue Shell in Netherlands
The Hague Court of Appeals ruled Friday that the Royal Dutch Shell can be sued in a Dutch court for their involvement in oil leaks in Nigeria. The ruling stems from a suit brought by four Nigerian farmers that claimed Shell and its Nigerian subsid (More)
Amnesty: Royal Dutch Shell failed to clean Nigeria oil spill sites
Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) has failed to clean oil-polluted areas of the Niger Delta despite the company's assurances that it has properly handled the oil spills, Amnesty International (AI) reported Monday. Under Nigerian law, any company that con (More)
Royal Dutch Shell agrees to $84 million settlement for 2008 Niger Delta oil spills
Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) on Wednesday reached a settlement in a lawsuit concerning the Niger Delta oil spills of 2008. The settlement, totaling USD $84 million, will be divided between 15,600 individuals who will receive $3,300 each as compensatio (More)
Amnesty: Shell made false claims about impact of Nigeria oil spills
Amnesty International (AI) revealed court documents Thursday indicating Shell repeatedly underestimated the impact of two oil spills in Bodo, Nigeria. The documents were part of claims brought forth in a UK court by more than 15,000 people affect (More)
Dutch court finds Shell subsidiary liable to Nigerian farmer for oil pollution
The Dutch District Court of The Hague ruled Wednesday that a subsidiary of Shell could be held liable to one farmer for damages resulting from polluting the Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria. However, the court dismissed four other claims br (More)
ICC: Nigeria Islamist group has committed crimes against humanity
The Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has accused a group of Islamist radicals of committing crimes against humanity in Nigeria. According to the OTP's 2012 Report on Preliminary Examination Activities , there (More)
Nigeria residents sue Shell in Netherlands for oil spills
Four Nigerian residents and an advocacy group told a Dutch court on Thursday that Shell should be held liable for damage from oil pollution in the Niger Delta. The suit, which was filed by the four villagers and Friends of the Earth Netherlands i (More)
Nigeria ex-governor sentenced to 13 years in prison for fraud
James Ibori, the former governor of Delta State in Nigeria, was convicted in a UK court on Tuesday on 10 counts of money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud and sentenced to 13 years in prison. Ibori, who governed the oil-rich Delta State fro (More)