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Tunisia ends law banning Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men
On Thursday, Tunisia's presidency spokeswoman, Saida Garrach, announced that the country's ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men has come to an end. The prior law had required men to convert to Islam and submit a certificate of the conversion b (More)
Sri Lanka panel backs hybrid courts for investigation of war crimes
A Sri Lankan panel of the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms has recommended the appointment of a hybrid court composed of local and international judges to oversee the adjudication of allegations of war crimes committed during th (More)
UN 'strongly condemns' recent executions in Belarus
A UN Special Rapporteur on Monday "strongly condemn" the executions of three men in Belarus last week. Citing the executions as a confirmation of the "the persistent disregard for human rights in the country," the expert asserted that the country s (More)
Iran Supreme Court affirms death penalty for billionaire
The Supreme Court of Iran on Saturday affirmed the death sentence of 42-year-old Iranian oil billionare Babak Zanjani, according the country's state-run news agency . Zanjani was arrested in December 2013 on charges of embezzlement, money laundering (More)
UN rights expert urges Sri Lanka to protect minorities
The UN Independent Expert on minority issues, Rita Izsák-Ndiaye , on Thursday urged the Sri Lankan government to better protect minorities following the civil war. Izsák-Ndiaye advised that for true change to take place a concerted effort must be p (More)
Pakistan parliament strengthens penalties for honor killings
Pakistani lawmakers voted unanimously Thursday to strengthen the penalties for those convicted of murder in connection to honor killings. The new law provides for mandatory life imprisonment , even if the family of the victim forgave the convicted k (More)
ICC sentences Mali jihadist for destroying Timbuktu shrines
The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday sentenced a Malian jihadist to nine years of imprisonment for overseeing the destruction of Muslim shrines in Timbuktu, Mali. Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi admitted his guilt when his trial began in Aug (More)
UN rights expert: persons with albinism in Mozambique still face danger
In a press release Friday a UN rights expert expressed on-going concerns for the safety of persons with albinism in Mozambique, while at the same time recognizing that the nation had taken successful steps to improve conditions. Specifically, the UN (More)
Malian Jihadist pleads guilty to destroying Timbuktu shrines at start of ICC trial
The International Criminal Court (ICC) opened the trial of Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi Monday for the destruction of historical and religious monuments in Timbuktu. Al Mahdi admitted guilt Monday, apologizing for his actions. ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou (More)
UN condemns fighting in Mali
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon released a statement on Friday condemning the recent fighting in Kidal, Mali . The fighting arose at the end of last week between the Platform Movement and the Coordination of movements of Azawad (CMA), two sign (More)
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