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Why the Supreme Court is not a Key Issue in the Presidential Election—and Why it Should Be
JURIST Contributing Editor William G. Ross of the Cumberland School of Law discusses the implications that the choice to vote for either presidential candidate in this upcoming election will have in the Supreme Court... Since this year's presidentia (More)
On Human Rights, California is Better than Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Texas!
JURIST Guest Columnist Stephen Cooper, a former DC public defender, addresses prosecutor Michele Hanisee's remarks concerning the death penalty in California... Speaking in favor of Proposition 66, the ballot initiative that seeks to (More)
Ginsburg's Remarks About Trump are Part of a Trend Toward Inappropriate Extra-Judicial Speech
JURIST Contributing Editor William G. Ross of the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University discusses Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg's open public opinion concerning Trumps' candidacy for presidency... Since justices during recent years have been incr (More)
Egypt's New Cybercrime Law: Another Legislative Failure
JURIST Guest Columnist Mohamed Abdelaal of McKinney School of Law and Alexandria School of Law discusses the significance of Egypt's new cybercrime draft law... On May 10, 2016, the Egyptian House of Representatives began to consider a new 33-article (More)
Proposition 66, The "Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act of 2016," is Fool's Gold for Californians
JURIST Guest Columnist Stephen Cooper, a former DC public defender discusses how California's Proposition 66 will fail to reform California's fractured death penalty system... "Californians for Death Penalty Savings and Reform"— (More)
When Prosecutors Parade, Criminal Justice Becomes a Circus
JURIST Guest Columnists Stephen Cooper and Donnie W. Bethel discuss the effect of the behavior of Prosecutors who parade their cases to the media has on the Criminal Justice system... Call us 'old school', but like the Honorable Scot (More)
The Brexit Legal Mess—Falling Into a Black Hole?
JURIST Guest Columnist Larry Eaker, former Professor at the American University of Paris discusses the possible legal consequences of the UK's decision to exit the EU...As a historian, I fear Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction not on (More)
Overcriminalization & Mass Incarceration: SCOTUS' Decision in the Hobbs Act Case Will Increase Both
JURIST Guest Columnists Donnie W. Bethel and Stephen A. Cooper discuss how recent Supreme Court's decision related to the Hobbs Act only serves to further take up space and resources in the federal prisons... People of all persuasion (More)
Undisclosed Fraud Sinks Third-Party Benefits Lawsuit
JURIST Guest Columnist David Christensen of Christensen Law discusses recent developments in Michigan auto law that affect third-party benefits... For the past 40 years, plaintiffs' attorneys seeking no-fault benefits for their clients have relied on (More)
The Illegality of Waterboarding
JURIST Guest Columnist Cristián Correa of the International Center for Transitional Justice discusses how waterboarding, if not torturous treatment, is at the very least illegal... In a recent academic commentary, Professor Jeffrey F. Addicott claim (More)
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