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An Unexpectedly Small Piece of Cake
One of the year’s most-watched Supreme Court controversies, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Limited v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission , was never likely to deliver the full faceoff between Religious Free Exercise and Anti-Discrimination Rights that many peop (More)
Guilty of Adulthood Until Proven a Child
JURIST Guest Columnist Alice Farmer, a Children's Rights Researcher at Human Rights Watch, says that in many cases of asylum, children are presumed to be adults and are detained as such in countries such as Malta... (More)
Unchecked Power Granted by House Bill 87
JURIST Guest Columnist Azadeh Shahshahani National Security/Immigrant Rights' Project Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia says that the unchecked power of the Immigration Enforcement Review Board set up by House Bill 87 is caus (More)
National Cooperation Key to International Judicial Success
JURIST Guest Columnist Niccolò Pons, Assistant Legal Officer of the Pre-Trial Chambers of the International Criminal Court, says that cooperation from national authorities is an essential and proven element to the success of international judici (More)
Elimination of Forum is Elimination of Freedom of Speech
JURIST Guest Columnist John W. Whitehead president of the Rutherford Institute says that the ban on all non-governmental flags in Lexington, Virginia is motivated specifically by the city's intent to eliminate the display of Confederate flags and thu (More)
Same-Sex Civil Marriage Gives Deference to Church of England Canon Laws
JURIST Guest Columnist Paul Johnson, Anniversary Reader of the University of York, says the British government's proposed allowance of same-sex civil marriages, but not religious marriages, shows deference and support for the Church of England's cano (More)
HB 87 Negatively Impacts Georgia Economy and Reputation
JURIST Guest Columnist Azadeh Shahshahani, Director of the National Security/Immigrants' Rights Project at of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, says that Georgia HB 87, which requires residents to carry proof of citizenship, has negative (More)
Libya and the ICC: Inspiring Transitional Justice Reform
JURIST Guest Columnist Leila Hanafi, Regional Coordinator of the Middle East and North Africa at the Coalition for the International Criminal Court says the ICC is necessary for Libya to develop its own fair and productive justice system... (More)
LGBT Discrimination and International Enforcement
JURIST Guest Columnist Charles Radcliffe, Head of Global Issues at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, says that while international laws protect LGBT persons, proper enforcement is required to combat discrimination... (More)
IACHR Guantanamo Case a Hallmark for Human Rights
JURIST Guest Columnist J. Wells Dixon, Senior Staff Attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights, and attorney for Guantanamo detainee Djamel Ameziane, says that the IACHR's acceptance of his case is instrumental in promoting US responsibility f (More)