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UK Iraq desertions said to exceed 1000 as military justice bill debate continues
Over 1000 UK service personnel have deserted since the beginning of the war in Iraq, the BBC reported Sunday. A total of 134 deserted in 2003, 229 in 2004, 377 in 2005, and 189 so far in 2006, up from 86 in 2001, and 118 in 2002. The UK Ministry of (More)
Iraq war objector found guilty in UK court-martial
A medical officer in the British Royal Air Force was found guilty Thursday of five charges laid against him for refusing to go to Iraq for a third tour of duty. Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith was dismissed from the military, sentenced to (More)
UK court-martial begins for Iraq war objector
A medical officer in the UK's Royal Air Force has pleaded not guilty to charges that he failed to comply with a legal order for refusing to return to Iraq for a third tour of duty. Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith , who has dual British (More)
UK military judge rules Iraq war legal, orders objector to face court-martial
British Judge Advocate John Bayliss ruled Wednesday that Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, the first British officer to face criminal charges after challenging the conflict's legality will face a court-martial on five cha (More)
UK officer tests Iraq war illegality defense in military hearing
A lawyer for Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, a medical officer in the UK's Royal Air Force , argued in a pre-trial military hearing Wednesday that his client was entitled to say in a court-martial defense against five charges of failing (More)
British SAS soldier cites illegality of US Iraq tactics as reason for resigning
A member of the elite Special Air Service special forces of the British Army who refused to return to Iraq and later left British military service said in an interview published in the UK Sunday that he resigned because he objected to the illegali (More)
Trial next year for UK officer who opposed legality of Iraq war
Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, an officer in Britain's Royal Air Force , will face a court-martial next year on five counts of disobeying a lawful command and could be jailed for refusing to serve in Iraq. Earlier this year, Kendall-S (More)
UK officer faces court-martial for opposing Iraq war
A British Royal Air Force medical officer has become the first member of the UK military to face criminal charges for disobeying a lawful command because he refused to fight in Iraq, claiming the war there is illegal. Flight-Lieutenant Malcolm Ken (More)