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Analyzing the Sufficiency of Iran's Child and Adolescent Protection Law
Iran recently passed a law criminalizing abandonment, physical or emotional abuse of children, taking a major leap in terms of rights provided to children and juveniles. The Child and Adolescent Protection Bill was approved by the Guardian Council, t (More)
UN rights expert welcomes extension of peaceful assembly right to digital platforms
The UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association has welcomed new guidance from the UN Human Rights Committee extending the right of peaceful assembly to online platforms.The UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC (More)
Federal law enforcement withdrawing from Portland after Oregon governor, DHS agree
Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Wednesday that there will be a phased withdrawal of federal law enforcement from Portland.Federal law enforcement agents entered Portland following recent prote (More)
Force Drift: Thuggery in Portland with Toxic Mission Creep using Mystery Men
Here we go again.Some men looking all virile in camo and wearing masks or in black outfits it seems are grabbing people off the street and hauling them into vans. In Portland and in Columbus, Ohio. And these camo men are apparently on their way t (More)
Investigations and lawsuits launched after federal agents detain Portland protesters
The US Attorney for the District of Oregon Friday called for an investigation into allegations that unidentified federal agents are arresting people in the city of Portland.US Attorney Billy Williams noted that federal agents have been in the cit (More)
Defund the Police, and Defund Big Data Policing, Too
When we talk about defunding the police, we focus on what we can see. We imagine hiring fewer cops to flock in subway stations and wander sidewalks. We picture fewer high-priced tanks and military-grade tools of war in our communities. But today’s po (More)
Danger and "Officer Safety" Shape Police Socialization, Practice and Policy
In the weeks since Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests have spread across the United States. An endless stream of online videos shows officers pushing, beating, pepper spraying, tear gassing, and shooting “less lethal” munition (More)
What Jonestown Might Teach Us about Section 230's Fate
Trump’s presidency has always been one straight out of a cult leaders’ playbook. When late SF journalist Phil Tracy exposed the notoriously narcissistic Jonestown cult-leader, Jim Jones, Jones urged his followers to flee from California to Guyana, So (More)
"Côtexit" from Access to the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights
On 29th April, Côte d’Ivoire announced its withdrawal from the special declaration of jurisdiction provided under Article 34(6) of the ‘Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights on the Establishment of an African Court on Human and (More)
US activist sues former Egypt PM for torture and assassination attempt
US human rights activist and former political prisoner Mohamed Soltan sued former Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Abdel Aziz el–Beblawi Monday for conspiring with government officials to arrest, torture and assassinate him for his high–profile activism (More)
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