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Ireland’s Vote to Remove Blasphemy from its Constitution and the Case of Asia Bibi
In a referendum held on Friday, October 26, 2018, the people of Ireland voted to amend the Irish Constitution to remove the word blasphemy from Article 40.6.1, which declared that "he publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent ma (More)
Tunisia ends law banning Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men
On Thursday, Tunisia's presidency spokeswoman, Saida Garrach, announced that the country's ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men has come to an end. The prior law had required men to convert to Islam and submit a certificate of the conversion b (More)
Ireland health minister calls for blasphemy law repeal
Ireland Health Minister Simon Harris said Monday that the country's blasphemy laws were "embarrassing" and called for their repeal. His comments follow the revelation that an investigation had been launched into British actor, Stephen Frye conce (More)
Denmark man indicted for burning Quran
Prosecutors in North Jutland, Denmark , pressed blasphemy charges against a man on Wednesday for posting a video in which he burned a Koran. On Thursday the Danish Prosecution Service issued a formal indictment against the man. The prosecutor noted (More)
UN rights expert criticizes widespread censorship laws
The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye said Thursday that governments are "wielding the tools of censorship" and cautioned that "the freedom of expression is under th (More)
Singapore court jails teen blogger
A teen blogger in Singapore was sentenced to six weeks in jail on Thursday for "wounding religious feelings" after he pleaded guilty to posting comments on the Internet criticizing Christianity and Islam. The 17-year-old defendant, Amos Yee, told rep (More)
Maldives president signs controversial defamation law
Maldives President Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Thursday signed into law a controversial bill criminalizing defamation with fines and jail terms despite widespread criticism. The UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression David Kaye issued a warning (More)
Kuwait top court upholds 4-year sentence for insulting judges on Twitter
Kuwait's Supreme Court on Monday upheld the four-year jail sentence against an activist found guilty of insulting judges on Twitter. Ahmad Fadhel was convicted for writing comments considered offensive to a number of judges in Kuwait. Three top jud (More)
Two arrested in Copenhagen for helping gunman
Danish police on Sunday arrested two individuals suspected to have aided a gunman in the Copenhagen attacks that left two dead over the weekend. On Saturday a 22-year-old gunman, whose name has not yet been released, opened fire at a cultural cente (More)
Pakistan lawmakers protest publication of Muhammad cartoon in French magazine
Pakistani lawmakers on Thursday passed a resolution and rallied outside parliament to protest the publication of images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo , which was attacked by extremists last week. Pakistan and (More)
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