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"Space Force" Intellectual Property: The US Armed Forces v. Netflix
On the 20th of December, 2019 the United States Space Force (USSF) was commissioned as an independent branch of the US Armed Forces. From its very foundation, the USSF seems to have been caught in a legal tussle with Netflix over a very interesting i (More)
Dissecting and Unpacking the USMCA Environmental Provisions: Game-Changer for Green Governance?
Protecting the environment is not an extravagance but rather essential. The COVID-19 crisis with its economic and social impacts has reminded us of events that countries were not adequately prepared to address. Rising environmental issues leave count (More)
The Public Policy Concerns with Tattoo Copyrights
The dearth of clear judicial precedent on tattoo copyrights enforceability has left the legal profession and the entertainment industry searching for answers. The question arises: to whom does the copyright of a tattoo remain with; the tattoo artist (More)
Data as a Tool for Diplomacy in India
The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which is a data privacy code, similar to the GDPR in the EU, has recently been passed by the Union Cabinet, and has been presented before the Lok Sabha for determination of enactment. In light of this, I seek (More)
Testing Human Rights Through Human Gene Patenting in COVID-19
COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus has emerged as a global threat that has changed the world order and has challenged all the predetermined notions of societal existence. This is the point in history that will be studied in the future for the decision (More)
Pharmaceutical Patents in the Era of COVID-19: The Aftermath on Developing Countries
COVID-19 patients are frequently constrained to solitary confinement in order to curb the continuing spread of the contamination. The race for medicine or a vaccine to treat COVID-19 is on. The pharmaceutical industries are being asked to donate the (More)
The King of Tragicomedy
For better or worse, the paradigmatic television show of the coronavirus pandemic is Netflix’s documentary miniseries Tiger King, an excruciatingly intimate reflection on a feud between two tiger-fanciers. On the one side is Carole Baskin, the rather (More)
All Your Books Are Belong to Us*
*Editor's Note: The title as written is not ungrammatical, but rather refers to an internet meme you can read about here. Apparently, quarantine means never having to say you’re sorry. All of a sudden, people are coming out with hot takes you never (More)
Amazon wins landmark trademark law case over perfumes sold by third parties
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled Thursday in favor of Amazon in its landmark trademark dispute with the German wing of the international cosmetics giant Coty. The court found that "the mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online mar (More)
Congressional report calls for US cyber reforms
The Cyberspace Solarium Commission released a 122 page report on Wednesday via livestream aimed at creating a "layered cyber deterrence" to defend the US against cyber attacks. "The U.S. government is currently not designed to act with the speed and (More)
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