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Census and Sensibility
On the last day of its 2018-2019 Term, the Supreme Court decided in Department of Commerce v. New York that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross could not add a question about citizenship to the 2020 Census solely on the basis of the “contrived” and “prete (More)
Thirteen Years On: Lessons (Re)Learned From “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Government Effort
When considering the comments in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, with the perspective of thirteen years since their landfall, I’ll paraphrase Mark Twain’s comment about an erroneously pre-mature 1897 obituary: “the reports of death are grea (More)
An Unexpectedly Small Piece of Cake
One of the year’s most-watched Supreme Court controversies, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Limited v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission , was never likely to deliver the full faceoff between Religious Free Exercise and Anti-Discrimination Rights that many peop (More)
Dog Eat Dawg: Louisiana May be Right, but that Doesn't Mean They're Right
In one of my favorite scenes from The Wire, the great HBO television series about crime, cops, and life in Baltimore, detectives Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty sit in an interrogation room across the table from a young African American man they call (More)
Federal appeals court reverses $533M patent verdict against Apple
The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Monday overturned a Texas District Court decision awarding Smartflash LLC a $533 million patent verdict against Apple . Smartflash asserted that Apple had infringed on media management patents hel (More)
European Commission welcomes end to Amazon, Apple exclusive audiobook deal
The European Commission (EC) on Thursday welcomed an agreement between Amazon and Apple to eliminate their exclusivity obligations with respect to the supply and distribution of audiobooks. These exclusivity rights required Apple to source only f (More)
Federal appeals court dismisses Apple antitrust lawsuit
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Tuesday affirmed the dismissal of an antitrust lawsuit accusing Apple of maintaining a monopoly over music files purchased through its iTunes stores. The plaintiff argued on behalf of a class that (More)
Federal judge rules 'used' digital music cannot be resold
A judge for the US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled Saturday that ReDigi Inc.'s "pre-owned" digital music sales infringed on Capitol Records LLC's music copyrights. ReDigi's online service allowed customers to use its pl (More)
Vague and Outdated FCC Indecency Policy Must be Altered
JURIST Guest Columnist Jeremy Lipschultz of the University of Nebraska at Omaha says that in FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc., it seems likely that the Supreme Court will not force the Federal Communications Commission to alter its vague and subj (More)
Microsoft co-founder re-files patent suit
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen on Tuesday filed an amended patent infringement complaint against Apple, eBay, Google and eight other corporations claiming the companies misappropriated technologies patented by Allen's now defunct Interval Researc (More)