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China court sentences fourth Canadian national to death for drug crimes
The Foshan Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Canadian citizen Ye Jianhui to death Friday for manufacturing and transporting drugs. It was the fourth death sentence imposed on a Canadian by a Chinese court since Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial O (More)
US imposes sanctions on Hong Kong and China officials over security law
The United States Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions Friday on 11 Hong Kong and mainland China officials over their involvement in undermining Hong Kong's autonomy and curtailing citizens' freedom of expression and assembly through the impl (More)
China court finds prisoner not guilty after 27 years behind bars
The High People's Court of Jiangxi in China has declared Zhang Yuhuan, 53, the country's longest-serving wrongfully convicted person not guilty in a retrial after almost 27 years in prison.Zhang’s wrongful conviction and subsequent release stem f (More)
Forced Sterilization of Uyghur Women is a Violation of a Woman's Right to Reproductive Autonomy
In late June, findings from an investigation confirmed China’s compulsory sterilization of Uyghur women native to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in northwest China. Dr. Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in Chinese studies at the Victims of C (More)
The Futility of Trump's Sanctions Against ICC Investigators, and the Need for Accountability
US President Donald Trump’s sanctions on the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigators in June expose the hypocrisy and incoherency of the Trump administration’s foreign policy. Trump’s sanctions surpass a lack of cooperation and enter into ou (More)
Is Chinese Draconian Security Law the Death Knell For Democracy In Hong Kong?
China has been embroiled in numerous controversies since the onset of 2020. It has received significant flack worldwide as a result of a failure to report to the World Health Organization about the existence and spread of the novel COVID-19, as well (More)
US Commerce Department blacklists 11 Chinese companies
The US Department of Commerce economically blacklisted 11 more Chinese companies on Monday due to involvement in human rights abuses perpetrated against Uighur Muslims. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross cited China's "campaign of repression, mass arb (More)
DOJ announces indictment of Chinese hackers for stealing COVID-19 research
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday announced the indictment of two hackers, Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi, for attempting to steal COVID-19 research. Both hackers currently work for Guangdong Province International Affairs Research Center in C (More)
UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong
The UK announced Monday the suspension of the country's extradition treaty with Hong Kong for an indefinite period. This comes in response to the Hong Kong National Security Law recently enacted by China.UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said tha (More)
Indian Ban on Chinese Apps: Does the Move Contradict WTO Rules?
The Indian Government took the global media by storm when it announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps in India to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security”. The ban has been imposed under Section 69A of the (More)
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