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Supreme Court adds cases on Hague Convention, EPA, race discrimination in media, declines to hear Guantanamo appeal
The US Supreme Court's Monday orders added five new cases on a range of topics from the EPA to race discrimination in media, but denied a case filed by a current Guantanamo prisoner. A Yemeni national, al-Alwi, has been held in Guantanamo Bay, Cub (More)
Navy fires commander of Guantanamo military prison
The US Navy on Saturday fired the commander of the Guantanamo military prison for "loss of confidence in his ability to command," according to a Defense Department official who does not have the authority to speak publicly. Navy Rear Adm. John Rin (More)
Federal appeals court vacates more than two years of decisions by military judge overseeing USS Cole bombing case
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Tuesday that more than two years of decisions by Colonel Vance Spath, a military tribunal judge who formerly oversaw the case of Abd Al-Rahim Hussein Muhammed Al-Nashiri, should be di (More)
Canada judge rules former Guantanamo detainee's war crimes sentence has expired
Alberta Judge Mary Moreau decided Monday that the war crimes sentence against former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr has now expired. Khadr was charged with crimes in Afghanistan when he was 15 years old. He was detained at Guantanamo and spent a f (More)
Amnesty calls Guantanamo prison 'stain on human rights'
Amnesty International on Thursday called Guantanamo prison a "stain on human rights" on the eve of the prison's seventeenth anniversary. Guantanamo prison currently holds 40 detainees, many of whom were tortured by the CIA before being transferred (More)
The House We Built: How the United States Walked Away from Decades of Accountability
As the world turns inward, nationalistic perspectives are on the rise. It feels like 1930, where the international order laid out in the Versailles Treaty, was about to be turned upside down. Today, something terrible is lurking around the corner, si (More)
Guantanamo judge overseeing 9/11 cases announces retirement
Army Colonel James Pohl, the US Military judge tasked with overseeing 9/11 cases, announced his retirement Monday before the completion of the trials that began in May 2012 and have seen numerous delays. "I have made a personal decision not to re (More)
Federal appeals court denies Guantanamo detainee's petition for release
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday denied a Guantanamo detainee's habeas petition for release. Moath Hamza Ahmed al-Alwi has been detained at Guantanamo since 2002, following Congress giving the President pow (More)
Kennedy: A Flexible Jurisprudence
Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement yesterday rightfully set off shock waves across the country. For the past three decades, Justice Kennedy has gone from one of the more moderate justices who could sometimes swing an important vote, to (More)
Federal judge overturns contempt conviction of Guantánamo defense counsel
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday overturned the contempt conviction of a Marine general. Judge Royce Lamberth overturned the contempt conviction of Marine Brigadier General John Baker, chief defense counse (More)
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