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Trump administration revokes California automobile emission waiver
The Trump administration announced Thursday that it is revoking California's waiver to issue its own vehicle emission standards. California's Clean Air Act waiver was issued by the Obama administration in 2013 and allowed the state to set emission (More)
Con Edison and other utilities challenge Trump plan to weaken carbon emissions rule
Con Edison and eight other electric utility companies, as the Power Companies Climate Coalition, announced a petition Monday challenging President Donald Trump's new Affordable Clean Energy Rule, which replaced Obama's tougher Clean Power Plan. Co (More)
DOJ investigating automakers over California emissions agreement: reports
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has began an investigation into four auto companies that created an agreement with the state of California regarding vehicle-emissions standards, according to Friday reports. The car companies include Ford Motor (More)
UN report on climate change calls for immediate action
A Special Report on Climate Change was released at the UN Inter-government panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Thursday. This report focuses on greenhouse gases, land use, sustainable land management, desertification, land degradation and food security (More)
Ontario top court upholds government's carbon pollution tax
Ontario's top court ruled Friday that Canada's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is constitutional and has the critical purpose of fighting climate change. The Act,passed by Parliament in 2018,puts a price on carbon pollution in order to reduce (More)
UK commits to ending greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
British Prime Minister Teresa May issued a statement Wednesday committing to passing legislation aimed at reducing the UK's climate change emissions to net zero by 2050. The UK government has been under increasing pressure to address its role in g (More)
Maine governor introduces bill requiring 80% renewable energy by 2030
Governor Janet Mills of Maine introduced a bill to the state legislature on Tuesday that calls for the state to increase the use of renewable energy such that 80 percent of electricity consumed in the state comes from renewable sources by 2030. The b (More)
European Parliament urged to end fossil fuel infrastructure investment
A letter signed by 44 organizations was sent to members of the European Parliament on Monday urging them to vote to exclude fossil fuel infrastructure funding from the upcoming European Union Cohesion Policy. The vote for the Cohesion Plan will occur (More)
UN rights expert finds air pollution kills 6 million annually
UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, David Boyd, said Monday that air pollution contributes to six million deaths a year. Boyd put out a call for input that was received by over 30 civil society representatives and internatio (More)
Australia court refuses coal mine project on climate change grounds
An Australian Court on Friday ruled against the development of a coal mine in New South Wales because of its potential as a climate change contributor. The mine proposed, an open cut coal mine, is a process in which coal, closer to the surface, i (More)
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