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Defund the Police, and Defund Big Data Policing, Too
When we talk about defunding the police, we focus on what we can see. We imagine hiring fewer cops to flock in subway stations and wander sidewalks. We picture fewer high-priced tanks and military-grade tools of war in our communities. But today’s po (More)
Obscuring the Lines of Truth: The Alarming Implications of Deepfakes
Technology has always been a necessary evil but the advent of Deepfake has tilted the balance more towards the evil side. Deepfakes are an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology used to morph a person’s face onto another and manipulate voice r (More)
Arizona AG sues Google over user location data
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed a lawsuit against Google on Wednesday for deceptively and unfairly obtaining users' location information to advance its lucrative advertising business.The complaint provided detailed examples of Google (More)
India's Aarogya Setu Contact Tracing App - Compromising Privacy in a Pandemic?
As society grapples to stay on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened responsibility on governments to effectively deal with this public health crisis, in a manner that is least-restrictive towards the civil liberties of its citizens. Th (More)
Data as a Tool for Diplomacy in India
The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which is a data privacy code, similar to the GDPR in the EU, has recently been passed by the Union Cabinet, and has been presented before the Lok Sabha for determination of enactment. In light of this, I seek (More)
Compulsory Digital Contact Tracing Is Probably Legal, but Still Sub-Optimal
As pressure mounts on state and national leaders to begin reopening the American economy, there are growing questions over whether the government could force citizens to enroll in a digital contact tracing (DCT) program to expedite the identification (More)
Geofencing, Data Protection and Privacy Amidst Pandemic
The spread of COVID19 has led to a lot of chaos. In the wake of several instances of lockdown violations and quarantined patients escaping hospital wards, the government has decided to use an application that triggers e-mails and SMS alerts to an aut (More)
Why Emergency Diploma Privilege is the Right Solution for Licensure
The novel coronavirus has disrupted the lives of billions globally. In the United States, as Americans shelter in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, so too stop the “normal” functions of the country. Americans are being laid off and filing for une (More)
Congressional report calls for US cyber reforms
The Cyberspace Solarium Commission released a 122 page report on Wednesday via livestream aimed at creating a "layered cyber deterrence" to defend the US against cyber attacks. "The U.S. government is currently not designed to act with the speed and (More)
US lawmakers ask Google to elaborate on patient data sharing agreement with Ascension
US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal and Bill Cassidy sent a letter to Google Wednesday requesting more information about their new partnership with Ascension in which Google stands to access millions of patient health records. The letter (More)
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