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National Defense Authorization Act passes House
The US House passed a $736 billion National Defense Authorization Act for 2020 bill on Wednesday. It will be voted on by the Senate next week and is expected to be signed into law by President Donald Trump. The bill was passed by a 377-48 vote and (More)
Supreme Court hears arguments in international child abduction, capital cases
The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in cases concerning international child abduction and capital punishment Wednesday. Monasky v. Taglieri is a case between Michelle Monasky, an American citizen, and Domenico Taglieri, a citizen of Italy. T (More)
Federal appeals court finds Maryland law regulating online political ads violates First Amendment
The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Friday affirmed a lower court decision to strike down a Maryland law regulating the publication of online political ads. Writing for a unanimous three-judge panel, Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson, I (More)
The Constitutional Case for "Red Flag" Laws
Suppose someone posts a message on social media suggesting he might shoot up a movie theatre, and punctuates the point with a photo in which he is holding an AK-47-style rifle. Can the government temporarily confiscate the person’s firearms, in order (More)
UK regulator continues to push for ad transparency ahead of election
The UK Electoral Commission restated the urgency of transparency in digital ad campaigning on Monday ahead of the upcoming general election. The commission released a report in 2018, which made recommendations to update current legislation surrou (More)
US lawmakers ask Google to elaborate on patient data sharing agreement with Ascension
US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal and Bill Cassidy sent a letter to Google Wednesday requesting more information about their new partnership with Ascension in which Google stands to access millions of patient health records. The letter (More)
GM sues Fiat Chrysler for bribing union officials
Car giant General Motors (GM) filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against its competitor, Fiat Chrysler alleging Fiat Chrysler illegally bribed union officials, resulting in an unfair advantage in labor discussions over the course of a decade. Th (More)
Supreme Court to rule in Google-Oracle copyright dispute
The US Supreme Court granted review for four petitions from its private conference on Friday, including a copyright dispute between Google and Oracle. Google v. Oracle is a copyright case involving computer code. In this case, Google used "prewrit (More)
Disciplining Federal Judges and the Public’s Right to Know
The most recent disciplinary order issued against a federal judge vividly demonstrates a major shortcoming of the federal judicial disciplinary system—transparency. In September, the Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit publicly reprimanded Kansa (More)
California trucking association challenges new labor law
The California Trucking Association (CTA) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging a new labor law that seeks to give wage and benefit protections to workers in the gig economy, including those who are employed by Lyft and Uber. The new California (More)
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