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For What It's Worth: Homage to George Floyd
1.  There's something happening here; What it is ain't exactly clearOn Sunday, May 31, 2020, I posted on my Facebook that we should expect the repression to come soon. And almost like predictable clockwork, the repression started the next day. We (More)
Looking to the New Year: Nationalism, Patriotism and World Law
"What does not benefit the entire hive is no benefit to the bee." Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Back at the World War I Armistice Day ceremonies in France in 2018, Emmanuel Macron ventured a well-reasoned condemnation of Donald Trump's belligerent n (More)
The Enduring Constitutional Legacy of the First World War
JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of Samford University's Cumberland School of Law discusses the constitutional legacy of the First World War... American entry into the First World War one hundred years ago, on April 6, 1917, generated significa (More)
Investigating French Officials' Role In Rwanda Genocide
JURIST Guest Columnist Jean-Marie Kamatali of Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law discusses the benefits of investigating French officials' role in the Rwanda Genocide...On November 29th the Prosecutor General of Rwanda released a statemen (More)
Canada judge rules for deportation of Rwanda war crimes suspect
A Canadian federal judge on Saturday ruled in favor of deporting a Gatineau man to Rwanda to face trial for suspected war crimes committed during the 1994 Rwandan genocide . Henri Jean-Claude Seyoboka, a former soldier who joined the fight against t (More)
German court rules against taxi-hailing app
A German court on Tuesday ruled against the legality of the taxi-hailing app Mytaxi . Mytaxi began offering cab rides for half the regular price in several cities if customers agreed to an electronic payment method instead of cash. According to the (More)
France sets trial date for Uber executives
French officials on Tuesday ordered the trial of two senior executives for Uber Technologies on allegations of maintaining an illegal taxi service. Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty and Thibaud Simphal , general managers for Western Europe and France respec (More)
France parliament adopts new surveillance bill
The French Parliament on Wednesday adopted a surveillance bill that would give French intelligence services the authority to monitor Internet use metadata. It is reported [AP report] that the bill also allows for court ordered surveillance of susp (More)
France police acquitted for teen deaths that triggered 2005 riots
A French court on Monday cleared two police officers accused in the 2005 deaths of two teenagers outside Paris that sparked weeks of riots throughout the country. The court in Rennes ruled that officers Sebastien Gaillemin and Stephanie Klein were (More)
France presents data monitoring legalization bill
France's government on Thursday pushed a surveillance bill that would give French intelligence services the authority to monitor metadata. The government's hope is that such action would prevent an imminent terror attack . Parliamentary debate on th (More)
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