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Three Belgian doctors go on trial for aiding woman in ending her life
The trial of three Belgian doctors who assisted Tine Nys, a 38-year-old woman, in ending her life in 2010 commenced on Tuesday in the Belgian city of Ghent.Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002 under stringent standards, but the defendants (More)
France's top court rules quadriplegic has right to die
After years of back and forth, France's Court of Cassation ruled on Friday that artificial life support for Vincent Lambert, a person who has been in a vegetative state since a road accident in 2008, can be terminated.The court's ruling reverses (More)
Temptation to Compromise
The latest victim in the war against the rule of law and the supremacy of God are Christian faith-based Canadian universities whose graduates require professional licensing by an administrative agent of the government.To understand the significan (More)
World Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 10 March 2018
Here's the international legal news we covered this week: Eleven countries including Japan, Australia, and Canada signed a trade agreement Thursday known as The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) . The Supr (More)
Supreme Court of India upholds passive euthanasia for terminally ill individuals
The Supreme Court of India on Friday upheld the verdict of the Constitutional Bench which upheld the removal of life-support for individuals who are terminally ill or in incurable comas, otherwise known as passive euthanasia. The Supreme Court of I (More)
UK court allows appeal of assisted dying ban
The UK Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday that terminally ill Noel Conway can proceed with challenge of the country's law against assisted dying. Noel Conway, a retired college lecturer, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2014 and is not ex (More)
Arizona’s Death Penalty Procedures & Professional Ethics
JURIST Guest Columnist Tasha Russell discusses ethical issues that arise from the death penalty plan in Arizona, which attempts to put the onus on the lawyer's of convicted criminals awaiting the death penalty to provide the drugs to be used in their (More)
France parliament approves bill allowing sedation for terminally ill patients
French lawmakers on Wednesday approved a bill that will allow physicians to keep terminally ill patients sedated until death, opting not to extend the bill to cover physician-assisted suicide. Under the new law, patients will be able to request "de (More)
California's New Assisted Suicide Law: Whose Choice Will it Be?
JURIST Guest Columnist Margaret Dore argues that a new law to legalize assisted suicide is a recipe for elder abuse and family trauma, and that it will encourage people with years to live to throw away their lives...California has passed a bill to le (More)
Dutch court clears man who assisted in dying mother's suicide
A Dutch court on Wednesday cleared a man of all criminal charges for assisting his 99-year-old mother to commit suicide. An important goal of the case was to set further precedents for assisted suicide in the Netherlands , a country where the act is (More)
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