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Nuclear War Avoidance in the Middle East: International Law and Deterrence (Part II)
Contrary to conventional wisdom, both nuclear deterrence and associated forms of nuclear strategy, including preemption, can support the authoritative expectations of international law. The adequacy of international law in preventing a nuclear war in (More)
Closing in on Massive Worldwide Copyright Infringement
JURIST Guest Columnist, Curt Levey, of the Committee for Justice, discusses the implications of Kim Dotcom's fight to avoid extradition from New Zealand to the US...Notorious Internet pirate Kim Dotcom suffered another legal setback last month in his (More)
US Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 18 November 2017
Here's the domestic legal news we covered this week: A US District judge declared a mistrial in New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez's federal corruption trial on Thursday after questioning the 12 jurors. The US District Court for the Northern District (More)
LGBT Activist files federal lawsuit challenging Tennessee therapist law
An LGBT rights activist filed a federal lawsuit Monday challenging a Tennessee law that allows counselors to refuse to serve clients based on religious views. The law, signed in April 2016 by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam , allows therapists to (More)
Dog Eat Dawg: Louisiana May be Right, but that Doesn't Mean They're Right
In one of my favorite scenes from The Wire, the great HBO television series about crime, cops, and life in Baltimore, detectives Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty sit in an interrogation room across the table from a young African American man they call (More)
Humanity Lost the Legend: Cherif Bassiouni, The Godfather of International Criminal Law and Justice
JURIST Guest Columnist, Mohamed Arafa, of Alexandria University Faculty of Law discusses the accomplishments and contributions of the late Mohamoud Cherif Bassiouni and his deep impact on international criminal law and justice...Mahmoud Cherif Bassio (More)
O.J.: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, Keep the Cameras Rolling
JURIST Guest Columnist Royal Oakes discusses the newest chapter in O.J. Simpson's legal drama, and what it portends for the future... In a word association game you might not connect O.J. Simpson with the legendary group The Grateful (More)
Continuing Chronicles of the Comey Confrontation
JURIST Guest Columnist Royal F. Oakes of discusses the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey and its implications for wider investigations into the Trump administration... The Comey affair is shaping up to be a brass knuckle, br (More)
Sleight of Hand in Florida's New Death Penalty: Requiring, But Not Requiring, Jury Unanimity
Sleight of Hand in Florida's New Death Penalty: Requiring, But Not Requiring, Jury Unanimity JURIST Guest Columnist Chance Meyer of Shepard Broad College of Law,NOVA Southeastern University, discusses the Florida Supreme Court's recent death penalty (More)
Criminalizing Visual Poverty&#8212the Effects of Making Homelessness a Crime
JURIST Guest Columnist Sara Rankin of Seattle University School of Law discusses the effects of criminalizing homelessness in the US...As a lawyer, I am particularly interested in how we take our impulses and fears and codify them into our laws and p (More)
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