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Washington governor signs 'sanctuary state' legislation into law
Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation Wednesday that makes Washington a so-called "sanctuary state." Senate Bill 5497 is described as "relating to establishing a statewide policy supporting Washington state's economy and immigrants' r (More)
Voices of the Poor Must Be Heard in the Data Privacy Debate
Last month, tenants at a rent-stabilized apartment building called Atlantic Plaza Towers in Brooklyn filed a formal protest against their landlord’s plan to replace key fobs with facial recognition technology. The landlord claimed the new system woul (More)
Supreme Court declines to hear Georgia cash bail case
The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a case from Georgia over whether holding an accused man in prison because he could not afford bail was a violation of his equal protections rights. Maurice Walker was arrested in Calhoun, Georgia, an (More)
Federal judge rules San Francisco cash bail system violates rights of poor defendants
A federal judge ruled Monday that San Francisco's bail schedule violates poor defendants' rights without protecting the public. San Francisco's bail schedule sets bail amounts for each crime and requires a defendant to pay that amount to be releas (More)
Baltimore no longer prosecuting marijuana possession
Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Tuesday that Baltimore will no longer be prosecuting marijuana possession, regardless of weight or criminal history. The decision to end prosecution was based on a "lack of a demonstrable publi (More)
National Guard and Active Duty Lend a Hand to Civil Authorities on the Border
In April and October, President Trump proclaimed his intention to send National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border as an anti-illegal immigration measure. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection reported apprehension (More)
California enacts law that will end bail system
California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill  into law that will end the practice of assigning bail to defendants awaiting trial. A pretrial risk assessment system will replace the bail system in determining if a defendant can be rele (More)
Carpenter and the Future of the Surveillance State
Our phones are constantly searching for the greatest connection, updating our location, and often connect to multiple cell towers on any given day, divulging our whereabouts to service providers with relative ease. In recent years, the accuracy of th (More)
Federal judge rules for Philadelphia in 'sanctuary city' case
Judge Michael Baylson, of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled Wednesday that Philadelphia has the right to maintain its status as a sanctuary city while still receiving federal funding. Attorney General Jeff Se (More)
US Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 21 April 2018
Here's the domestic legal news we covered this week: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit Friday against Donald Trump, Russia, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and several Trump aids including Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul (More)
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