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Donald Sterling and Bad Things Said in "Private"
JURIST Guest Columnist Tung Yin of the Lewis & Clark Law School comments on the statement made by Donald Sterling and how the public outcry should give us pause to consider the underlying issues ... Unless you've been completely avoiding TV, the Int (More)
Aereo and 21st Century Copyright Law
JURIST Guest Columnist Roy Gutterman of the Tully Center for Free Speech at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University comments on the recent Supreme Court decision in Aereo v. American Broadcast Companies, and provides (More)
New York Bar Association Urges US to Push UN to Accept Responsibility for Cholera Epidemic in Haiti
JURIST Guest Columnist Lauren Carasik of Western New England School of Law argues that the UN must change its recent course and uphold its international duties to provide a forum for legal redress to the victims of the Cholera outbreak in Haiti ... L (More)
US v. Wurie: The Uncertain Future of Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
JURIST Assistant Editor Brent Nesbitt, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Class of 2016, discusses the search incident to arrest exception to the Fourth Amendment in United States v. Wurie...On Tuesday, April 29, the US Supreme Court will hear ar (More)
The Passing of Fred Phelps and Challenges to First Amendment Freedom of (and from) Speech
JURIST Guest Columnist Kevin Govern of Ave Maria School of Law considers the life and times of the late First Amendment advocate-antagonist Fred Phelps ... (More)
Heckler's Vetoes in High School
JURIST Guest Columnist Ashutosh Bhagwat of University of California, Davis School of Law argues the US Court of Appeals' decision to uphold the ban on American flag shirts at Live Oak High School on Cinco de Mayo may have constituted a heckler's veto (More)
New York's Solitary Confinement Reforms May Spark Larger Discussion
JURIST Guest Columnist Steven Zeidman of the CUNY School of Law argues that changes to solitary confinement laws present an opportunity to discuss larger issues with the prison system as a whole ... (More)
Florida's Case for Marriage Equality: The Significance of the Right to Marry
JURIST Guest Columnist Judith E. Koons of Barry University School of Law situates in constitutional history the recent case by Florida same-sex couples, arguing that it is part of a compelling period in our nation's history that is likely to lead to (More)
Stop and Frisk: Public Opinion, Litigation Working to Protect Constitutional Rights
JURIST Guest Columnist Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier of the CUNY School of Law argues that public opinion and litigation worked together to protect the constitutional rights of individuals in recent suits regarding New York's stop-and-frisk law ... (More)
South Sudan's Constitutional Bait-and-Switch
JURIST Guest Columnist Kevin Cope of Georgetown University Law Center argues that the crisis in South Sudan suggests that the international community might consider refocusing more of its attention on the role of constitutional structure ... (More)