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FTC announces investigation into past acquisitions by large tech companies
US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) chairman Joes Simons on Tuesday announced an investigation into acquisitions made by six large technology companies.  Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are the companies being investigated. (More)
District court judge dismisses challenge to T-Mobile-Sprint merger
Judge Victor Marrero of the US District Court in Manhattan issued an order on Tuesday dismissing a complaint by numerous state attorneys general over the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. The states had sued to prevent T-Mobile's takeo (More)
Department of Justice closes antitrust investigation against mobile network trade association
The Department of Justice announced Wednesday the completion of its two-year antitrust investigation into the GSMA, a global trade association for mobile network operators. The GSMA is comprised of around 1,200 companies worldwide, including AT&am (More)
Apple and Intel file antitrust lawsuit
Apple and Intel jointly filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Fortress Investment Group Wednesday. The allegations filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California are that Fortress has stockpiled patents and sued on those (More)
Deputy Attorney General releases statement that may widen scope of review of technology companies
Deputy Attorney General Rosen released a statement on Monday stating that the Department of Justice is willing to broaden its review of technology cases beyond Antitrust laws. This statement was released during Rosen’s participation in the American B (More)
Court-Packing and its Discontents
Everything old is new again, and court-packing is no exception. In 1937, faced with a conservative Supreme Court that consistently invalidated his New Deal legislation, President Roosevelt announced a plan to increase the size of the court and add ju (More)
Death by 1,000 Papercuts: The Dollar Diplomacy of China
China is exerting an enormous amount of power and influence over American companies even to the point of potentially enforcing its own laws. This has been a slow and largely secretive expansion over a period of years. It is a circumstance modern law (More)
50 US states launch Google antitrust investigation
Fifty US states and territories announced an antitrust investigation of Google and its parent company Alphabet Monday. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that Texas will be leading the bipartisan investigation, which will focus on Google' (More)
DOJ investigating automakers over California emissions agreement: reports
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has began an investigation into four auto companies that created an agreement with the state of California regarding vehicle-emissions standards, according to Friday reports. The car companies include Ford Motor (More)
Federal judge approves $70 billion dollar merger of CVS and Aetna
A federal judge found Wednesday that the merger of CVS Health Corp and health insurer Aetna was legal under antitrust law. Judge Richard Leon of the US District Court for the District of Columbia conducted the review and made the approval in respo (More)
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