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Freedom House report warns free press is under attack
A new report from Freedom House warns that the right to freedom of the press may be under attack in a number of democratic countries. The report paints a dark picture showing former bastions of democracy turning on the media. The report does clari (More)
Algeria president resigns amid mass protests
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria resigned Tuesday amid mass protests and calls by senior military leadership for his resignation. Bouteflika, a former foreign minister and veteran of Algeria's war of independence from France, had been in (More)
World Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 18 November 2017
Here's the international legal news we covered this week: Amnesty International (AI) on Friday released a report detailing humanitarian crisis incidents that may amount to war crimes in the Philippines. The chief judge of the EU's rule of law miss (More)
EU court: citizens who become British may bring foreign-born spouse to UK
The European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that an EU citizen who becomes a British citizen is allowed to have their non-EU spouse live with them in the UK. The ruling came in a case brought by a Spanish national who had attained dual citizenship (More)
Jordan parliament repeals law encouraging rapists to marry victims
The Jordanian parliament on Tuesday narrowly voted to repeal Article 308 of the penal code, which permitted rapists to escape punishment if they married their victims. Rights groups applauded the decision, calling it a step forward in ending violen (More)
"Vive la République, Vive la France": Macron's Foreign Policy in Muslim and Middle Eastern World
JURIST Guest Columnist Mohamed Arafa of Indiana University discusses the new French president, Emmanuel Macron's foreign policy in Muslim and Middle Eastern world ... Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old and the ex-minister of economics, is now the Franc (More)
UK Supreme Court rules 'deport first, appeal later' policy unlawful
The UK Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the government's policy of deporting foreign nationals who have committed crimes before their appeals are heard is unlawful. Section 3(5)(a) of the 1971 Act provides that a person who is not a British citiz (More)
EU court advisor: UK wrongly denied residency to husband of dual citizen
The UK Home Office wrongly denied residency to the Algerian husband of a dual British-Spanish citizen, according to the initial opinion of European Court of Justice Advocate General on Tuesday. The Home Office argued that when Perla Nerea García O (More)
Victims of Rape and Law: How the Laws of the Arab World Protect Rapists, Not Victims
JURIST Guest Columnist Mais Haddad, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, discusses laws in Arab countries that protect rapists and further oppress rape victims.... In the Arab world, women are under systematic discrimination socially, politicall (More)
Burundi government releases scores of prisoners
Following a clemency order issued by President Pierre Nkurunziza , Burundi's government began releasing scores of prisoners on Wednesday. Included in those released were prisoners accused of endangering state security. This group of 300 released pri (More)
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