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Putin declares state of emergency after major oil spill in Arctic Circle
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a state of emergency Wednesday after 20,000 tons of diesel oil leaked into a river within the Arctic Circle. The spill went unreported for two days, which may have caused irreparable damage to the region. (More)
OPEC agrees to historic oil production reduction
The Ministerial Meeting of OPEC and non-OPEC countries concluded on Sunday with an agreement to cut oil production and raise prices in an attempt to stabilize the global oil market, which has seen significant fluctuation in the face of the COVID-19 p (More)
Putin postpones Russia vote on constitutional amendments
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday postponed the national referendum that was scheduled for April 22 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The national referendum concerned constitutional amendments, one of which would enable Putin to run for t (More)
Russia constitutional court approves amendment allowing Putin to serve two additional terms
The Russian Constitutional Court released a 52-page decision Monday approving amendments to the constitution, including an amendment that would allow Vladimir Putin to serve up to two additional terms as president. The current constitution imposes (More)
Russia parliament approves constitutional change allowing Putin to run for president again
Both houses of the Russia Parliament on Wednesday approved a constitutional change that would allow President Vladimir Putin to run for reelection again. The current Russian constitution requires the president to step down after serving two consec (More)
Russia court rules facial recognition technology does not violate privacy rights
A Russian court ruled Tuesday that facial recognition technology does not violate the privacy rights of its citizens. The Russian government has partnered with Ntechlab to provide facial recognition software. Ntechlab created the app FindFace, whi (More)
Russia lawmakers give preliminary approval to constitutional changes
Russian lawmakers gave preliminary approval Thursday to a slew of constitutional changes that would affect the power of the parliament and the term of the president. The approved changes come one week after President Vladimir Putin delivered his S (More)
Russia government resigns following announcement of reforms to weaken Putin's successor
Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly on Wednesday and proposed constitutional reforms that would weaken the next President of Russia, causing the entire Russian government to resign. Putin also addressed the country's chang (More)
Europe rights court: Russia held unfair trial for oil tycoon and partner
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg issued a lengthy ruling on Tuesday finding that Russia violated treaty provisions requiring fair trials for Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev under the European Conven (More)
Russia lawmakers approve international media 'foreign agents' bill
The Russian State Duma on Thursday approved amendments to a bill entitled "On Mass Media," designating individuals who communicate with foreign media outlets as "foreign agents." Since 2012 there have been a number of restrictive laws created reg (More)
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