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Bridging the Gap: Teaching Law Students What They Will Practice
The gap between what you learn in law school and what you do in the actual practice of law is still problematic. Sure, a gap will always exist. Experience cannot be taught. The type and size of the gap is the problem. This gap is unique to the law. D (More)
From Criticism to Contempt: Twitter and Free Speech in India
Justice H.R. Khanna from the Supreme Court of India once observed ‘Judges should not silence criticism with threat of Contempt of Court but should remove the weakness and drawback that crept into the judicial system.’ Administration of justice and up (More)
US Sanctions Against the International Criminal Court: Where is International Law Going?
On September 2, 2020, US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced United States sanctions of ICC officials and its prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda. Based on this sanction, their possible assets in the US will be frozen, and access to the American financi (More)
India-Pakistan 73 Years After Partition
“I tell you that I still consider myself to be an Indian. For the moment I have accepted the Governor-Generalship of Pakistan. But I am looking forward to a time when I would return to India and take my place as a citizen of my country.” - Muhammad A (More)
For Our Convenience, Could You Suspend Being Diabetic During the PA Bar Exam?
As an immunocompromised individual, I was initially grateful when the PA bar exam moved online. Now, I wouldn’t have to worry about Covid-19 affecting my health during this crucial exam. This morning, though, that feeling was more-than-slightly alter (More)
Regulatory Sandboxes: Initiatives for Innovation and Inclusion in the Philippines
The Philippines recognizes the need to calibrate its regulatory policies to encourage the entry of new and emerging technology and to foster an innovative mindset among key stakeholders in the technology sector.To incentivize innovation in the fi (More)
The Legal System Has No Integrity
Besides the fact that the legal system is an abstract entity incapable of possessing such anthropomorphic qualities, it has demonstrated a particularly bad track record for integrity. Some individual lawyers possess integrity; the law itself is a too (More)
Dream11 and IPL 2020: Illegal Gambling and Indian Sports
The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been overburdened with scandals in recent years. In the UAE, the den of cricket gambling, the IPL's conduct along with the sponsorship of Dream11 has been celebrated with joy not only by fans and players but also b (More)
The Menace of Space Debris
For most of the time India has participated in the space industry, it has played with one hand firmly tied behind its back. But with the introduction of the Self-Reliant India Movement (Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan), private companies hold the baton (More)
Voter Suppression Through the Mailbox 
Voter suppression, which represents the dark underbelly of the American experiment, has reared its head throughout our history, particularly beginning at the cession of the Civil War. After the passage of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, form (More)