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Ukraine: Russia directed and ran military coup in Crimea
The European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday heard complaints from Ukraine about Russian involvement in the military coup and subsequent Russian annexation of Crimea. From Feburary 27, 2014, Russia has exercised control over the Autonomous Repu (More)
Former Obama administration counsel indicted for concealing scope of work with Ukraine
Counsel for the Obama administration Gregory Craig was indicted on Thursday for making false statements to and concealing work-related information he performed for the Ukraine government in 2012 from the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ all (More)
Manafort sentenced to additional prison time as new charges filed in New York
US President Donald Trump's former aide, Paul Manafort, was ordered Wednesday to serve an additional 3 1/2 years on federal conspiracy charges by District court Judge Amy Berman Jackson. His total sentence between the two federal cases is now 7 1/2 y (More)
UN expert stresses importance of human rights in economic reforms
The UN expert on foreign debt and human rights Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, is stressing the necessity of treating human rights as a top priority in recent economic reforms. After Bohoslavsky investigated in both Ukraine and Sri Lanka last year, his re (More)
Ukraine court sentences ex-president Yanukovych to 13 years in prison for treason
A Ukrainian court on Thursday sentenced former president Viktor Yanukovych to 13 years in prison after finding him guilty of treason for a 2014 crackdown on pro-Western demonstrations. In 2014 Yanukovych spiked an association agreement with the EU (More)
Ukraine parliament approves martial law declaration in response to growing tensions with Russia
The Ukrainian parliament on Monday passed Bill N. 9338 declaring martial law from November 28 to December 27. The move comes in response to growing aggression from Russia after three Ukrainian navy vessels were seized off the Crimean Peninsula. T (More)
Ukraine president calls for martial law amid escalating tensions with Russia
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Sunday called for a 60-day period of martial law, which would curtail public demonstrations, suspend elections and potentially implement required military service. The decree comes amid escalating tensions w (More)
Manafort pleads guilty to conspiracy, agrees to cooperate with Mueller
Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for US President Donald Trump, pleaded  guilty on Friday to conspiracy against the US and conspiracy to obstruct justice through witness tampering.  Prosecutors originally brought seven charges against M (More)
Paul Manafort found guilty on eight charges of fraud
US President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty on five charges of tax fraud, two of bank fraud and one of failure to disclose a foreign bank account on Tuesday. Manafort also faced another 10 charges on which (More)
Manafort trial begins
The trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort began on Tuesday. The indictment alleges that Manafort and Richard Gates, a former deputy chair of the Trump campaign and liaison to the Republican National Committee who has already plead (More)
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