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Two Myanmar army deserters confirm role in Rohingya genocide
Two news organizations and a rights group reported on Tuesday that two Myanmar soldiers have confessed to murdering minority Rohingya Muslims and are being transported to The Hague in the Netherlands. In their video testimony, Pvt. Myo Win Tun and Pv (More)
India-Pakistan 73 Years After Partition
“I tell you that I still consider myself to be an Indian. For the moment I have accepted the Governor-Generalship of Pakistan. But I am looking forward to a time when I would return to India and take my place as a citizen of my country.” - Muhammad A (More)
Congress launches investigation into Fort Hood Army Base following deaths
The US House Committee on Oversight and Reform announced in a press release Tuesday that it is opening an investigation into Fort Hood Army Base following multiple soldier deaths and reports of sexual assault. Rep. Stephen Lynch, Chairman of the Subc (More)
Vigilantes, Brown Shirts, and the Attack on the Rule of Law
Dictators, autocrats, and strongmen thrive on chaos in the beginning of their rise to power. At first they come to that power legally, within domestic law. Once in power the autocrat takes the law and uses it and bends it, eventually shaping it to hi (More)
Chinese national charged with destroying hard drive during FBI investigation
A Chinese national was charged Friday with destroying a hard drive during an FBI investigation into possible involvement with the transfer of sensitive software to China.The US Department of Justice said that Guan Lei, a 29-year-old Chinese natio (More)
Federal judge strikes down time-in-service requirements for military naturalization
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia granted a motion for summary judgment on Tuesday vacating a time-in-service requirement for non-citizens who qualify for US citizenship based on their service in the US military.On O (More)
Becoming a Stone: America's Law-Desecrating Submission to Presidential "Punishment"
"All people...who dare not defend themselves when they know they are in the right, who submit to punishment not because of what they have done but because of who they are, are already dead by their own decision; and whether or not they survive physic (More)
The Florida Bar Exam: So Close, Yet So Far
I graduated from law school in 2017, have taken the Florida Bar Exam four times, and did not pass each time. Just reading that one sentence about me, can you deduce that I do not have the technical nor minimal competence to become an attorney?I a (More)
Lebanon Parliament grants military sweeping powers to respond to Beirut unrest
The Parliament of Lebanon granted the national army broad emergency powers on Thursday after approving a state of emergency declaration for Beirut in response to unrest over the massive explosion in the city's port that killed at least 200 people. (More)
A Navy JAG Selectee's Case for Diploma Privilege
This year’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Student Program selectees cannot afford a postponed bar exam or supervised practice alternatives that require bar passage at the next administration. The challenges faced by 2020 Bar Examinees across the count (More)
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