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Presumption of Custodial Violence: A Need to Confront Police Brutality in India with Legislation
India has seen severity in law enforcement from the early Vedic period. Even after almost 160 years of the enactment of the 1860 Indian Penal Code and the 1861 Indian Police Act, violence by the police continues. From the shocking Mathura Rape Case i (More)
Netherlands takes Russia to European Court of Human Rights over MH17 flight downing
The Netherlands filed an inter-state complaint against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Friday over its role in the downing of a Malaysian Airlines flight six years ago.Flight MH17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in (More)
Uighur Crisis Highlights Flawed Structure of UN Security Council
One crucial aspect of international law is failing the Uighurs and it is the structure of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The persecution of the Uighurs is just one example of a State-committed human rights abuse that led to little preven (More)
Polexit: Will the Current Legal Issues Trigger Poland to Leave the EU?
Ever since winning the general election of Poland in 2015, the Polish government led by the Law and Justice Party (PiS), has continuously pushed the country to adopt a series of judicial reforms supposedly to drive out the last strands of communism f (More)
The Diploma Privilege Manifesto
A spectre is haunting the American legal profession – the spectre of diploma privilege.Facing the psychological and physical trauma of COVID-19, and buoyed by growing calls for diversity and equity in the wake of centuries of racial and social in (More)
Australia suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong
Australia announced in a statement released Thursday that it is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong due to concerns over Hong Kong's new security laws.Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated: The Australian Government remains deeply co (More)
Criminalization and COVID-19: Acute Social Insecurity and the Critical Condition of Sex Workers in India
"Are we not human that we have been left to die like this?" This was implored by one of the estimated 3 million sex workers in India whose existence is consistently disdained by the government. Historically, social inequality has been an indisputabl (More)
How a US Policy on F1 Visas Can Affect Public Health and Trade Globally
With a view to ensure that classes are not scheduled online, this week, the Trump administration is considering a policy targeting nonimmigrant F-1 and M-1 students. The policy position is that students on these visas attending schools that operate e (More)
United Kingdom domestic violence bill approved by House of Commons
The UK Domestic Abuse Bill was approved by the House of Commons on Monday. The bill introduces new clauses to better protect domestic violence victims in the UK.The bill which was first introduced a year ago has moved onto the second reading in t (More)
The Business of Reopening Colleges and Universities in a Pandemic
Author's Update: I did not know about this when I wrote this article, but on July 6, 2020 Harvard and MIT have sued the Federal Government to have the ICE guidance declared unlawful and to return to the earlier guidance in the pandemic. As they say, (More)