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Iran's Ballistic Missile Program from an International Law Perspective
JURIST Guest Columnist Alireza Ranjbar of the Iranian Association for UN Studies discusses approaches to Iran's ballistic missile program under international law...Before and after his election as president, Donald Trump has threatened the 2015 Joi (More)
UN panel releases draft treaty banning nuclear weapons
A UN panel released a draft treaty in Geneva on Monday that would ban the use of all nuclear weapons. States that are party to the treaty are obligated never to develop, produce, manufacture, acquire or use "any nuclear weapon test explosion or any (More)
The Iran Sanctions Extension Act: Enforcement Overkill
JURIST Guest Columnist Professor John B. Quigley of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law argues that international changes to approaching and monitoring Iran's nuclear program have made recent congressional action unnecessary... The Iran (More)
Thinking Beyond the ICJ's Marshall Islands Judgment
JURIST Guest Columnist Mohit Gupta, an International Law Masters student at South Asian University discusses an October ICJ ruling against the Marshall Islands concerning India's failure to meet customary international law concerning halting developm (More)
UN court refuses to hear Marshall Islands case over nuclear arms
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday refused to hear a claim by the Marshall Islands that the world's nuclear powers failed to halt the nuclear arms race. The court found that they could not hear the case because they did not hav (More)
UN SG expresses disappointment in States' inabilities to agree on nuclear treaty
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday expressed disappointment in the inability of Member States to reach an agreement on a nuclear non-proliferation treaty, according to a UN spokesperson. The spokesperson released a statement at the conc (More)
Syria and North Korea: The Underground Connection
JURIST Guest Columnist Morse Tan of Northern Illinois University College of Law discusses North Korea and Syria nuclear programs and argues that the noticeable links between the two pose a significant threat to global security...More links North Kore (More)
IAEA, Iran and the Joint Plan of Action: A Toast to Genuine Diplomacy or Survival of the (Politically) Fittest
JURIST Guest Columnist Saroj Nair, LLM Student at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, discusses Iran's international obligation with regards to its nuclear efforts and argues that Iran complies with its obligation under binding treaties and t (More)
Iran agrees to limit nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions
The P5+1 world powers, which include the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany, reached an agreement with Iran on Sunday committing Iran to limiting its developing nuclear program in exchange for relief from international sanctions . The agreem (More)
Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program and Lawful Israeli Self-Defense
JURIST Contributing Editor Jordan Paust of the University of Houston Law Center says that, if Iran proceeds with building nuclear arms, Israel may be legally justified in launching a military attack as a means of self-defense... (More)
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