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Unexplored Connections: The Crimes of Saddam Hussein and Israeli-Palestinian Relations
Nullum crimen sine poena,  "No crime without a punishment." - Nuremberg Tribunal, Final Judgment, 1946 Whether formally codified or merely personal, memory must always lie at the heart of justice. Today, however, almost no one remembers the myriad (More)
President Trump's Revised Travel Ban: The Underlying Problem of Religious Discrimination Remains
JURIST Guest Columnist Jonathan Hafetz of Seton Hall University School of Law discusses President Trump's travel order revision...In effort to stave off legal challenges to his initial Executive Order (EO) banning travel by nationals of seven predomi (More)
Lemon’s Latest Victim: Felix Shows Why Lemon Must Go
JURIST Guest Columnist Roger Byron, Esq. Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute discusses how Felix v. City of Bloomfield illustrates inherent flaws in the Lemon v. Kurtzman Establishment Clause test ...The late Justice Antonin (More)
Rwanda Catholic church apologizes for role in genocide
The Catholic Church in Rwanda on Sunday issued an apology for its role in the Rwandan Genocide in a statement read aloud to parishioners. The Church acknowledged that many members engaged in wrongdoing, including the planning, aiding and execution (More)
Federal appeals court rules New Mexico Ten Commandments monument unconstitutional
The US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled Wednesday that a New Mexico city's Ten Commandments monument placed on the City Hall lawn is unconstitutional. The lawsuit was initially filed in 2012 against the city of Bloomfield by the Amer (More)
Alabama top justice suspended over same-sex marriage order
Alabama's Chief Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore was suspended on Friday by the Court of the Judiciary , for violating judicial ethics by ordering state probate judges to ignore a federal court order requiring them to grant marriage licenses to homo (More)
States file brief urging appeals court to allow Maryland cross memorial
Twenty-five states, led by West Virginia, filed a friend of the court brief on Monday to argue that the War World I monument in the shape of a white cross does not violate the constitution. At issue is the fact that the Bladensburg World War I Vete (More)
Federal judge finds public cross monument constitutional
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Maryland ruled Monday that the display of a prominent cross-shaped war memorial in a public park operated by Prince George County does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendmen (More)
Federal judge rules against courthouse nativity scene
A federal judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Arkansas ruled against Thursday that a nativity scene on Baxter County Courthouse grounds violates the First Amendment. The lawsuit was filed by the American Humanist Associatio (More)
Federal appeals court allows religious statue to remain on national forest land
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that a six-foot-tall statue of Jesus may remain on US Forest Service land. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed the suit claiming that the statue, located atop Whitefish Mountain in (More)
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