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Kennedy's Retirement: Despair Not, Go Out and Organize
The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy this week represents the end of an era and the beginning of the entrenchment of a more conservative Supreme Court, probably for years to come. That much seems clear. But there are actually many more sides to (More)
Why the Supreme Court is not a Key Issue in the Presidential Election—and Why it Should Be
JURIST Contributing Editor William G. Ross of the Cumberland School of Law discusses the implications that the choice to vote for either presidential candidate in this upcoming election will have in the Supreme Court... Since this year's presidentia (More)
The Future of Abortion Rights and Regulations
JURIST Guest Columnist Kermit Roosevelt of the University of Pennsylvania Law School discusses abortion rights in America ...In 1973, over 40 years ago now, the US Supreme Court entered the abortion fray in Roe v. Wade. Roe offered the nation the cou (More)
Equal Marriage, Tradition and Time: The Power of Public Deliberation
JURIST Guest Columnist Amaury A. Reyes-Torres, of Iberoamerican University in the Dominican Republic, discusses the constitutional questions the US Supreme Court justices are facing when deciding same sex marriage cases ... The case for equal marri (More)
Kerr v. Hickenlooper: Exploring the Tenth Circuit's Dubious Legal Reasoning
JURIST Guest Columnist Derek Muller of the Pepperdine University School of Law discusses the shaky legal foundations of the Tenth Circuit's recent decision in Kerr v. Hickenlooper ... A novel judicial opinion written on dubious legal grounds can serv (More)
US Supreme Court Litigation
The Supreme Court took up the issue of affirmative action in June 2003, when the high court decided the twin cases of Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger. Both cases involved the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The separate cases produce (More)
The Government is Using al Bahlul v. US to Maintain the Political Status Quo
JURIST Guest Columnist Shane Kadidal of the Center for Constitutional Rights argues that even if the government's petition for en banc review of al Bahlul v. US fails, it will nonetheless succeed in maintaining the political status quo of the Obama a (More)
The Supreme Court Should Be a Key Election Issue
JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of the Samford University's Cumberland School of Law says that the likelihood of vacancies on the Supreme Court during the next four years should make the Court an important issue in the election, even though it (More)
Mixed reactions to Supreme Court health care ruling
After the US Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) [text; JURIST backgrounder] on Thursday, reactions from lawmakers and parties of interest inundated press coverage. US President Barack Obama , who has made th (More)
The Unsure Fate of Affirmative Action
JURIST Associate Editor James Craig, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Class of 2014, discusses the history of affirmative action and argues that recent studies and case law have left affirmative action with an uncertain future...(His opinions a (More)
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