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The Fifth Vote for Non-Delegation
The coming invigoration of the non-delegation doctrine, long-declared dead, is now nearly certain. In a recent statement, Justice Kavanaugh signaled his interest in revisiting the long-dormant doctrine in a future case. But, while Justice Kavanaugh’s (More)
US Supreme Court rules in favor of Congress delegating legislative power
The Supreme Court held on Thursday that Congress did not transgress the nondelegation doctrine by allowing the Attorney General to decide how the registration requirements of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) should apply to (More)
Supreme Court hears arguments in capital punishment case
The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments  Tuesday over whether the state can execute an individual who suffers from dementia and cannot remember the crime. Madison v. Alabama  is before the Supreme Court for a second time. This time, the court s (More)
Supreme Court adds two cases to docket
The US Supreme Court granted certiorari in two cases on Monday. In Knick v. Scott Township [cert. petition, PDF; docket], petitioner challenges a doctrine that requires state remedies to be exhausted in constitutional takings before being allowed (More)
Supreme Court reverses Tenth Circuit on sex offender registration
The US Supreme Court on Monday ruled unanimously in Nichols v. US that the Sex Offender Notification and Registration Act (SONRA) did not require an individual to update his registration in Kansas once he departed the state and moved to a foreig (More)
Supreme Court hears arguments on sex offender registration, false representation
The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two cases Tuesday. In Nichols v. United States the court heard arguments on whether the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) requires that sex offenders update their residency infor (More)
City cannot govern where sex offenders live, Massachusetts high court rules
The Massachusetts Supreme Court on Friday ruled that a city within the state has no right to pass ordinances restricting where sex offenders can live. The ruling invalidates the "Ordinance Pertaining to Sex Offender Residency Restrictions in the Ci (More)
Portions of Michigan sex offender registry law deemed unconstitutional
A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled Monday that some requirements of the 1994 Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act are so vague that they are unconstitutional. One of these is the requirement that convi (More)
California Supreme Court finds blanket sex offender residential limits unconstitutional
The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that restrictions on where sex offenders may live violates the parolees' constitutional rights. This decision addresses Jessica's Law , the voter initiative passed in 2006 that banned sex offen (More)
New York court rules state sex offender law trumps municipal ordinances
The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that state laws governing the residency restrictions for sex offenders take precedence over local municipal ordinances. In People v. Diack, the court ruled unanimously that the state's regulations ar (More)