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US State Department announces visa sanctions against Cuba's Castro family
The US Department of State on Thursday announced sanctions preventing Raúl Castro, former president of Cuba and the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and First Secretary of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, fro (More)
UN extends condolences after Fidel Castro's death
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave his condolences to the Cuban people and the family of the nation’s former President Fidel Castro, who passed away late Friday night. Ban spoke on the last conversation he had with Castro in January 2014 (More)
US drops Cuba from terrorism list
The US government on Friday formally removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism as a positive step toward restoring Cuba-US diplomatic relations. US President Barack Obama said in April that he would drop Cuba from the list. In Dece (More)
House bill proposes tying human rights to removal of sanctions against Cuba
A bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday proposing to tie any further removal of sanctions against Cuba to the nation's human rights record . The measure, titled The Cuban Human Rights Act of 2015 and introduced by Rep (More)
US Embargo of Cuba
The US launched its embargo against Cuba in retaliation to Fidel Castro's declared allegiance to the Soviet Union. The embargo, though undergoing various transformations after its inception, remained official US policy until December 2014 when the O (More)
Cuba rights group reports record number of dissident detentions
The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCHRN) reported on Monday that the Cuban government detained 8,899 dissidents and activists in 2014. These detentions mark a significant increase from previous years—2,000 mo (More)
Cuba legislature approves law to attract foreign investment
Cuba's National Assembly approved a law on Saturday that provides tax breaks and other incentives to attract foreign investors to grow business in the communist economy of Cuba. The Assembly voted unanimously in a special session to approve the law (More)
US, rights groups condemn Cuba dissident detentions
The US State Department , Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) joined Tuesday to condemn the Cuban government's detentions of dissidents to keep them away from a Havana summit of hemispheric leaders. According to rights activists (More)
Cuba government announces release of 2,900 political prisoners
The Cuban government announced Friday that the country will grant amnesty to and free 2,900 prisoners including those convicted of political crimes. The announcement was motivated by humanitarian concerns , in an effort by President Raul Castro to e (More)
Cuba to allow buying and selling of houses
The Cuban government on Thursday announced the passage of a bill that will modify its housing law to allow permanent residents of the country to buy and sell their homes at will. The new law, which will take effect on November 10, will still limit (More)