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Utah Court rules that American Samoans are US citizens at birth
Judge Clark Waddoups for the US District Court in Utah ruled on Thursday in favor of three American Samoan plaintiffs and a nonprofit corporation who alleged that their classification as nationals instead of citizens violates the Fourteenth Amendment (More)
Peru ex-president Garcia dies from self-inflicted wound during corruption arrest
Former president of Peru Alan Garcia died Wednesday during an arrest by Peruvian Police in connection with the Odebrecht corruption scandal.Garcia was president of Peru twice from 1985-1990 and 2006-2011. He was the leader of the American Popula (More)
Migrant rescue group files human rights complaint against Italy
Sea-Watch e.V. filed a complaint against Italy with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Monday because Italy refuses to allow the ship Sea-Watch 3 to dock at its ports.The ship currently is holding 47 migrants that were rescued from a sh (More)
Exiled Venezuela justice department issues 'red notice' for arrest of President Nicolás Maduro
The Venezuelan justice department in-exile sent a "red notice" to INTERPOL requesting the arrest of President Nicolás Maduro and a sentence of at least 18 years, three months in prison. The notice came with annexes including a physical description of (More)
Peru opposition leader freed from jail
La Segunda Sala Penal de Peru on Wednesday ordered the release of former Peruvian presidential candidate and opposition party leader Keiko Fujimori, following her arrest last week in an ongoing money laundering investigation.Keiko Fujimori is the (More)
Human rights groups call on Europe to save rescue ship Aquarius
Several human rights groups called  upon European leaders on Wednesday to offer registration to the rescue ship Aquarius. The human rights groups that signed the letter include Amnesty International, European Council on Refugees and Exiles, the Human (More)
UN rights council calls on Venezuela to accept aid and investigate human rights situation
The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a resolution calling on Venezuela to accept humanitarian assistance and requesting a comprehensive report on the country's human rights situation.The Council called on the government of t (More)
Panama ex-president Martinelli extradited from US
Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli was extradited to Panama Monday to face four charges of illegally monitoring private communications, and for embezzling over $10 million in public funds.The extradition honored a 1905 treaty .M (More)
Pakistan's Hyperactive Supreme Court
JURIST Guest Columnist L. Ali Khan of the Washburn University School of Law discusses troubling recent trends in the Pakistani Supreme Court...Judicial activism is a milder label to express what the Pakistan Supreme Court has done over the decades (More)
Rights group urges ICC to investigate mercenaries in Yemen
The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) on Tuesday called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate allegations of war crimes in Yemen by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recruiting foreign nationals to serve in an (More)
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