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Missouri court temporarily blocks closure of state’s last abortion clinic
Missouri Circuit Court Judge Michael Stelzer on Friday granted Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region a temporary restraining order, keeping its license active and allowing it to continue its services until a future preliminary injunction decisio (More)
The Right of Publicity Q&A: Arkansas' Publicity Rights Protection Act of 2016
JURIST Guest Columnist Professor Uché Ewelukwa Ofodile of the University of Arkansas School of Law discusses answers to questions about Arkansas' new right of publicity legislation ... The right of publicity is the right to control the commercial us (More)
When Driverless Cars Crash, Who’s to Blame?
JURIST Guest Columnist Sean M. Cleary of the Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary discusses the difficulty in establishing liability for driverless cars. . . Driverless cars are one of the most controversial topics that never ceases to rais (More)
Discrimination Via Public Utility Monopoly in LaGrange
JURIST Guest Columnist Azadeh Shahshahani of Project South discusses a case of discrimination in access to public utilities ... It’s hard to believe that in the twenty-first century there are still households that face the risk (More)
Investigating the Third Term Related Crimes in Burundi
JURIST Guest Columnist Professor Pacifique Manirakiza of the University of Ottawa discusses the complexities behind investigations into the atrocities in Burundi and the need for a special tribunal to prosecute the crimes ... In April 2016, the Inte (More)
The Need for Remedies to Combat Fraud in Ballot Initiatives
JURIST Guest Columnist Jessica George of St. John's University discusses the need for a cause of action to remedy fraudulent voting processes ... Equal opportunity initiatives will always remain a hotly contested issue that incites passionate politi (More)
Alabama's Religious Freedom: Natural Rights, Social Duties
JURIST Guest Columnist Mark R. Killenbeck of the University of Arkansas School of Law discusses Alabama's HB 24 which allows adoption agencies to refuse to place foster children with same-sex couples according to religious beliefs ... In March 1967, (More)
Why The NCAA Must Pay Its Student Athletes
JURIST Guest Columnist Eugene Lee of MBK Sports Management discusses whether NCAA student-athletes should be paid ... With the proliferation of billion-dollar television contracts and customized branding opportunities in the age of s (More)
Can He Do That? Trump's Executive Order on the Outer Continental Shelf
JURIST Guest Columnist Jay Austin of the Environmental Law Institute discusses President Trump's recent executive order concerning offshore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf ... Even before this week's dramatic events, the topi (More)
The Political Attorney General
JURIST Guest Columnist Christopher N. Lasch of the University of Denver discusses Attorney General Sessions' position on sanctuary cities ... As JURIST previously reported, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to cut Department of Justice fu (More)