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Mexico Supreme Court refuses to uphold injunction decriminalizing abortion in Veracruz
The Supreme Court of Mexico has ruled against an injunction that would have granted abortion rights in the Mexican state of Veracruz.The injunction issued last year by a local judge in Veracruz had decriminalized the termination of pregnancy in t (More)
Mexico City becomes first jurisdiction in country to outlaw conversion therapy
The Mexico City Congress has approved a bill reforming the city's penal code to criminalize conversion therapy.The reform seeks to penalize practitioners of conversion therapy, and the relevant provision in the Code specifies "the criminalization (More)
Federal appeals court dismisses challenge to Arizona Proposition 123 education funding
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday that a challenge to Arizona's Proposition 123 education funding should be dismissed.The plaintiff, Michael Pierce, brought suit against Arizona Governor Douglas Ducey, alleging a violati (More)
New Mexico sues militia group for inciting violence at peaceful protest
The state of New Mexico filed suit Monday against the New Mexico Civil Guard (NMCG), claiming the militia group incited a shooting at a peaceful protest in June.The NMCG is not affiliated with the government, either through the military or the po (More)
Israel court dismisses Amnesty bid to stop NSO Group exporting spyware
A district court in Tel Aviv has dismissed Amnesty International’s petition to stop Israeli surveillance company NSO Group from exporting spyware, finding that Amnesty was not able to show that various governments had used NSO spyware technology — na (More)
Lawsuit filed against Education Secretary DeVos over pandemic relief funds
Five US states, as well as the District of Columbia (DC), filed a 46-page lawsuit against Betsy DeVos in her role as the Secretary of Education on Tuesday, asking a federal court to declare a recent Department of Education (DOED) rule interpreting th (More)
Appeals court rules refugees need not be denied asylum in Mexico before applying in US
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that refugees do not have to apply for and be denied asylum in Mexico before they can apply for asylum in the US. This decision struck down a rule by the Trump administration that requires re (More)
US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement takes effect
The new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) formally took effect on Wednesday, superseding the 26-year reign of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).The trade agreement, which the US Senate approved in January, contains much of th (More)
"Space Force" Intellectual Property: The US Armed Forces v. Netflix
On the 20th of December, 2019 the United States Space Force (USSF) was commissioned as an independent branch of the US Armed Forces. From its very foundation, the USSF seems to have been caught in a legal tussle with Netflix over a very interesting i (More)
Freedom of Expression in the Sporting Arena
The option to remain apolitical, in the past few decades has been available only for a privileged few. As people around the world are becoming more aware of the rights they possess, and about the injustices prevalent in society, they have started rai (More)
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