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Worker Endangerment in the Meat Industry During COVID-19
Interpreting the word games at play in workplace safety guidelines, President Trump's recent executive order on the food supply chain, and company motives is something like unpacking a Russian doll. The name of these Russian nesting dolls is Matryosh (More)
Brexit and Animal Welfare: Opportunity or Risk?
Britain is a country of animal lovers and has a long history of spearheading animal protection measures with global reach. This history can be traced back to 1822 with the introduction of Martin’s Act. The Brambell Report of 1965 and the UK joining f (More)
No Market Solution for Black Death: COVID-19 Guidelines As Crime
“A civilization that proves incapable of solving the problems that it creates is a decadent civilization.” Aimé Césaire wrote this in his critique of colonialism. Close examination of the legacy of colonialism helps explain the disparate impact of (More)
Prisoner Disenfranchisement: India Needs a Middle Ground
Universal suffrage has long been accepted as the standard for enfranchisement in democracies, however full and equal participation is rarely the reality. One group in particular that is frequently excluded across jurisdictions is prisoners. Indian (More)
The Need to Formulate National Guidelines for ICU Triage During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada
The Crisis The COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that insufficient resources exist to combat the likely tidal wave of hospital admissions will force unprecedented decisions to be made in Canada. This article recommends bioethical and legal guidelines i (More)
Immigrant Detention and Removal Are Not Essential
The US Supreme Court has temporarily postponed oral arguments; most state and local courts have as well. Yet, despite the risk posed by COVID-19, immigration courts across America continue to hold in-person removal proceedings. Immigration and Custom (More)
The Populist Assault on the Rule of Law, Civil Society and George Soros
Since its founding in 1959, the European Court of Human Rights — a court of last resort for disenfranchised people battling the power of often repressive regimes — has safeguarded rights and freedoms in its member states, now some 50 countries strong (More)
An Open Letter to the National Conference of Bar Examiners: We Need a Decision
Imagine you are in your third year of law school. The finish line of graduation is ahead of you and the most important test of your entire life looms on the horizon. You have gone through your law school classes for the last three years knowing that (More)
An Equal Start in Life
The US Supreme Court has struggled for decades with how colleges and universities may use racial and ethnic preferences in admissions. At present, the law is this: (1) an institution of higher education may consider the race and ethnicity of applican (More)
An Open Letter to the Legal Community on COVID-19: What are we doing?
I have been following the course of COVID-19, more colloquially known as Coronavirus, for a few months now and I really do not understand the wide mix of responses from the American legal community. Is our response due to a lack of leadership at the (More)
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