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Human Rights Matter Too In Reestablishing Society Under the Rule of Law
In this election year and beyond, rightfully, the focus of our national attention and the world’s concern is COVID-19, the economy, healthcare, and jobs. That’s it. The world is reeling from a true pandemic the likes we may not have seen since 1918. (More)
The Need for Digital Healthcare in India
India is a vast country that has perplexing socio-economic features which are indicated in medical systems. Every 6th person in the world lives in India. Understanding the esteem of the health system in a country is crucial to both national and inter (More)
Rethinking Food Insecurity During a Pandemic: An Equity-Based Approach
In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has overwhelmed the world and drastically changed our lives. Arvind Suresh, a medical student and Albert Schweitzer Fellow, has begun to research the impact that “stay at home” orders and social distancing have on commun (More)