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Pakistan court indicts former PM and family on corruption charges
Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif , his daughter and his son-in-law were indicted by an anti-corruption court on Thursday in connection to leaks that show his family had several offshore shell companies and his purchase of several high-en (More)
Using Immunity to Entrench Impunity
JURIST Guests Netsanet Belay and Solomon Sacco of Amnesty International discuss two recent cases in which states have used diplomatic immunity as a pretext for not executing arrest warrants for visiting public officials who are wanted for crimes unde (More)
Jordan court acquits radical cleric of terrorism charges
A three-man civilian panel in the Jordanian State Security Court on Thursday declared radical preacher Abu Qatada [BBC profile; JURIST news archive] not guilty of terrorism offences relating to an alleged plot in 1998 on the American school in Amm (More)
Egypt court refuses candidacy for Muslim Brotherhood members in 2014 elections
Egypt's Primary Alexandria Court on Tuesday declared the nation's Supreme Election Commission is forbidden from accepting a nomination from members of the Muslim Brotherhood [BBC Profile; JURIST news archive] in the upcoming presidential election sc (More)
Abu Qatada pleads not guilty to terrorism charges
Radical cleric Abu Qatada [BBC profile; JURIST news archive] pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges in a Jordanian court on Tuesday and challenged the court's authority to try him under the terms of his deportation from Britain earlier this year. (More)
UK lawyers accuse Egypt military of crimes against humanity
An international team of lawyers on Saturday accused the Egyptian military and the country's interim government of crimes against humanity and a number of human rights abuses since president Mohammed Morsi was ousted in July. At a press conferenc (More)
UK judge rules Muslim woman must remove veil to give evidence at trial
A judge in London ruled on Monday that a Muslim woman who is a defendant in an upcoming trial must remove her full-face veil when presenting evidence. A judge for the Blackfriars Crown Court held that the woman, whose name cannot be identified for (More)
Reforming the FAA Section 508
JURIST Guest Columnist Steven Aiello, LLB Candidate, University of London, considers foreign aid and how it applies to Egypt in a two-part series. In his second piece, he calls for reform of the Foreign Assistance Act... (More)
In Egypt, Coup or Not Coup: the 1.5 Billion Dollar Question
JURIST Guest Columnist Steven Aiello, LLB Candidate, University of London, considers foreign aid and how it applies to Egypt in a two-part series. Here, he examines whether or not the situation is a coup and how this affects foreign aid ... (More)
Afghanistan president demands transfer of prisoners of war at Bagram
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai demanded Saturday that all prisoners of war held by UK forces at Bagram Airfield be released into Afghan custody. The estimated number of detainees is more than 80. Karzai's spokesperson, Aimal Faizi, confirmed (More)
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