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China dissident Liu Xiaobo released from prison after cancer diagnosis
Human Rights Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo [NYT profile, JURIST news archive] was released on medical parole as he was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer, Liu's lawyer and prison officials stated on Monday. Liu's lawyer Mo Shaoping rele (More)
UN rights body urges fair elections in Hong Kong
The UN Human Rights Committee urged China on Thursday to ensure universal suffrage in Hong Kong, including both the right to vote and the right to stand for election without unreasonable restrictions. Currently, the Chinese government plans to allo (More)
Hang Together: Why the EU needs to Confront China on Rights
JURIST Guest Columnist Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch discusses the EU and human rights issues in China...This year will see a pair of quarter-century anniversaries of key political events in China and Europe: the remembran (More)
HRW urges EU to confront China on human rights issues
Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a press release today urging EU leaders to publicly raise concerns about the diminishing support for human rights issues in China under President Xi Jinping . HRW has taken action by writing letters to EU top offic (More)
UN rights experts call for investigation into death of China lawyer
UN human rights experts on Tuesday called for a full investigation into the death of Chinese human rights activist Cao Shunli. Cao was an influential human rights lawyer and activist in China who "tirelessly campaigned since 2008 for transparency a (More)
Chinese Government Must Close Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality
JURIST Guest Columnist Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch says that the Chinese government must begin to consider the vehement demands of the people to reform... (More)
China legislature passes resolution easing one-child policy
The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) , China's top legislature, passed a resolution Saturday easing the countries one-child population control policy. The major policy change is expected to be implemented gradually with th (More)
HRW urges China to drop charges against rights activist
Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Thursday urged the Chinese government to drop all politically motivated charges against Xu Zhiyong [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive] and release the rights activist from prison. Xu, a prominent critic of China's o (More)
China activist formally indicted for role in anti-corruption campaign
A lawyer representing Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong said Friday that his client has been formally indicted for his role in a wave of protests against corruption within the Chinese government. Xu, founder of the New Citizen's Movement [WSJ backgrounder (More)
China police urge prosecutors to charge anti-corruption demonstrator
Beijing prosecutors on Monday said that they received from police a letter of recommendation to bring charges against Xu Zhiyong [BBC report; JURIST report] for disrupting public order. Xu was arrested in August for organizing demonstrations and ca (More)
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