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Idaho lawmakers approve transgender restrictions
Two bills restricting the rights of transgender people in Idaho were sent to Governor Brad Little for signature this week. HB 509 prevents transgender people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates. HB 500 bans transgender women and (More)
Federal judge allows transgender discrimination lawsuit against North Carolina officials and universities to proceed
A judge for the US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina on Wednesday rejected state officials' and universities' arguments to dismiss a transgender discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the North Carolina State Health Plan f (More)
South Carolina students sue state over anti-LGBTQ sex education legislation
The Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Campaign for Southern Equality and the South Carolina Equality Coalition, Inc. filed a lawsuit Wednesday for injunctive and declaratory relief against South Carolina over an anti-LGBTQ sex education state statut (More)
Same-sex couple sues State Department for denying infant child US citizenship
Plaintiffs Roee and Adiel Kiviti filed a suit on Thursday in Maryland District Court against US State Department and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, alleging that the State Department has wrongfully refused to grant their infant daughter, K.R.K., (More)
LGBT group sues Arizona over AIDS instruction law
LGBT group Equality Arizona on Thursday sued the Arizona government, alleging that the state's HIV/AIDS instruction statute, ARS § 15-716(C), unconstitutionally discriminates against LGBTQ students and restricts their educational opportunities, viola (More)
North Carolina sued over transgender discrimination in state employee health care
Lambda Legal and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of current and former North Carolina state employees, alleging discrimination against transgender persons enrolled in health care coverage.Th (More)
The Impacts of the Shifting Definition of Sex Under the Law
While transgender people have existed since the dawn of time, the last decade has seen an increasing spotlight on the community and transgender people’s right to recognition and protection. While this has taken on many different angles, federal and s (More)
Nothing New
The New York Times ran a front-page story on October 21, 2018 with the headline: “‘Transgender’ Could be Defined out of Existence under Trump Administration.” The story reported that “the Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender a (More)
Kansas sued over policy preventing gender change on birth certificate
Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit Monday challenging a Kansas birth certificate policy that prevents transgender individuals from changing the gender designation on their birth certificates.Lambda filed the suit on behalf of four transgender Kansas re (More)
Federal judge allows lawsuit challenging North Carolina 'bathroom bill' to proceed
A judge for the US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina ruled Sunday that a lawsuit against North Carolina's new "bathroom bill," which prohibits local governments from enacting new anti-discrimination laws regarding multiple oc (More)
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