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UN body urges Nepal Maoists to stop parallel 'law enforcement' violating rights
A UN human rights body has called the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoists (CPN-M) to stop its parallel law enforcement activities, which has resulted into "serious" human rights abuses in Nepal recently. "OHCHR-Nepal calls again (More)
Nepal parliament directs government to ratify International Criminal Court statute
Nepal’s reinstated parliament on Tuesday directed the government to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the new international tribunal established to try crimes against humanity. “Nepali people want an end to i (More)
Nepal Maoist rebels suspend parallel courts in latest reconcilation move
Nepal's Maoist communist party announced Monday it is suspending its "People's Courts" that have been running in urban areas of Nepal, including the capital Kathmandu. Maoist supreme commander Prachanda announced the suspension in (More)
Nepal commission summons former royal ministers in democracy crackdown probe
A high-level Nepalese commission probing the crackdown on the pro-democracy uprising [JURIST report; JURIST news archive] in April of this year that eventually led to the restoration of parliamentary government summoned three former royal ministers (More)
Two more former Nepal ministers freed after high court order
Authorities in Nepal Sunday released two powerful former ministers in the royal direct rule cabinet led by King Gyanendra following an order from the Nepalese Supreme Court . The released former ministers were Kamal Thapa and Tanka Dhakal. While pa (More)
Nepal government makes deal with Maoist rebels on drafting interim constitution
Nepal's government and the Maoist rebels on Friday agreed to draft an interim constitution within 15 days and dissolve the parliament reinstated by the popular people's uprising in April this year. Surprisingly, the Maoists , who have been (More)
Reinstated Nepal parliament strips king of powers in aftermath of direct rule
In an historic proclamation approved Thursday, Nepal's reinstated parliament stripped all the privileges and powers of King Gyanendra [official profile; BBC profile], who gave up direct rule of the country after 19-days of mass protests in Apr (More)
New Nepal government annuls king's ordinances on media, NGOs
Nepal's government on Tuesday annulled a media ordinance promulgated by King Gyanendra during his 15-month absolute rule to muzzle press that criticized his seizure of power in February 2005. The ordinance was criticized both in Nepal and inte (More)
Nepal lawmakers consider impeaching chief justice
Nepal's parliamentarians have said they may impeach Nepal's Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel, accusing him of failing to maintaining independence of the judiciary during the 15-month long autocratic rule of King Gyanendra [official profile; (More)
Nepal parliament approves measure to draft new constitution
In a ground-breaking political development in Nepalese history, the country's recently reinstated parliament on Sunday unanimously endorsed a proposal to hold elections for a constituent assembly that will draft a new constitution . "Honora (More)