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Analysing the Effects of Turkey’s Social Media Regulation Bill
On July 29th, 2020, the Parliament of Turkey passed a controversial bill to regulate content posted on social media platforms, which will come into effect on October 1st, 2020. The bill is expected to have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech a (More)
The Establishment of the National Council for Transgender Persons in India is a Long Overdue Reform
On August 21, 2020, the Government of India announced the creation of  the National Council for Transgender Persons (“Council”) to work towards the societal acceptance and improvement in the status of the transgender community. The Council is the cou (More)
El Confederado en la Habitación debe Marcharse
El dicho, “El elefante en la habitación,” es comúnmente utilizado para referirse a un gran problema que dos o más personas son conscientes de, pero el cual se sienten incómodos de discutir. Por eso, ellos escogen ignorar el elefante. ¡Una cosa que nu (More)
The Confederate in the Room Must Go
“The elephant in the room” is a saying that is commonly used when referring to a huge issue that two or more people are aware of, but feel uncomfortable addressing. Hence, they simply choose to ignore it. One thing that our nation today seems to have (More)
A Legal Analysis of Shashi Tharoor’s Power to Summon Facebook
On the eve of the 74th Indian Independence Day, the Wall Street Journal (“WSJ”) carried a controversial article by Newley Purnell and Jeff Horwitz which went into the claims of Facebook’s alleged bias and favoritism to the Bharatiya Janata Party (“BJ (More)
Vigilantes, Brown Shirts, and the Attack on the Rule of Law
Dictators, autocrats, and strongmen thrive on chaos in the beginning of their rise to power. At first they come to that power legally, within domestic law. Once in power the autocrat takes the law and uses it and bends it, eventually shaping it to hi (More)
The Intersection of Legal Tech Advancements and the Gig Economy: An Interview with Sascha Mehlhase
The Third Industrial Revolution, which precipitated the digital age that we live in today, is now paving the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the age of smart technology, artificial intelligence, and automation. The dynamic shift that these (More)
The Relationship Between Third-Party Funding with Unconscionable Arbitration Clauses in Canada
International commercial arbitration prides itself on constituting an efficient and less expensive dispute resolution method for clients. While arbitration has been promoted under this premise, in reality, some parties have used arbitration agreement (More)
Angela Davis and the Fight for Racial Justice from an Indian Perspective
On July 28, the University of Pittsburgh invited Professor Angela Davis, a world-renowned social justice educator and activist, to participate in a conversation on social justice and racial discrimination as part of the University of Pittsburgh's 202 (More)
The Legality of an Indo-China Trade Face-off
20 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives in a military face-off with China, igniting tensions along the Indo-China Line of Actual Control (“LAC”) in the Galwan Valley on the evening of June 15th. The clangour for economic sanctions is growing as str (More)