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9/11 Trials Will Shape Global Terrorism
The 2021 trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the “architect of 9/11,” and the other accused will write an important page in the legal chapter of dealing with terrorism. What is not clear is if this page will solve issues, sustain them, or even create mo (More)
Navy fires commander of Guantanamo military prison
The US Navy on Saturday fired the commander of the Guantanamo military prison for "loss of confidence in his ability to command," according to a Defense Department official who does not have the authority to speak publicly. Navy Rear Adm. John Rin (More)
HRW cites evidence of Afghanistan war crimes in calling for sanctions against Defense Minister
Human Rights Watch (HRW) called Saturday for its major donor nations to issue sanctions against Asadullah Khalid, the Defense Minister of Afghanistan, pointing to "redible evidence of serious human rights abuses and war crimes" that have accumulated (More)
Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive
Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud on Tuesday announced by decree that the country will grant women driver's licenses beginning next June. The order was broadcast though Saudi Arabia's state television channel and would allow women (More)
Settlement allows people denied entry under original travel ban to reapply for visas
Individuals blocked from entering the US by President Donald Trump's original travel ban order can reapply for visas, under the terms of a settlement reached Thursday. Those who have a right to reapply are to be informed and notified of legal servi (More)
Federal appeals court rules military judge should have recused himself in 9/11 case
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Wednesday that Judge Scott Silliman should have recused himself in a case concerning multiple defendants who were charged with aiding in the 9/11 attacks. The petitioner, Khalid S (More)
Arab nations express willingness to begin talks with Qatar regarding demands
Foreign ministers from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates stated on Sunday that the four nations are open to dialogue with Qatar regarding the 13 demands imposed against the Gulf state early last month. The demands against Q (More)
Trump's Immigration Order Signals Sharp Departure from Other Post-WWII Presidents
JURIST Guest Columnist Margaret Hu of Washington and Lee University School of Law, discusses President Trump's break from post-WWII precedent on refugee policy ...As "leader of the free world," every post-World War II US President has expressed some (More)
Kerry calls on Bahrain to respect human rights in light of sectarian disputes
US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday reminded Bahrain to regard human rights as essential amid growing international concern that the government is engaging in sectarian discrimination. The secretary made the remarks in a joint press confe (More)
UAE federal court issues sentences for 41 defendants charged with terrorism
The Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued sentences on Sunday for 41 defendants connected to a terrorist plot to bomb malls and hotels. All 41 defendants were charged with possessing firearms and ammunition for terrorist pu (More)
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